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Should I Dance orr Not?


Iím starting high school this year, and my mom doesnít want me to go to any dances. Is dancing OK for an Adventist? If itís not, why not? And if it is, what makes it that way? Also, how can I get my parents to say itís OK, or to think Iím responsible enough to handle this?

Steve Answers:

Before I respond to your specific questions, let me address a bigger issueóthe importance of keeping open, respectful communication between you and your parents. Instead of pitting yourself against them, ask them if you can discuss the topic of dancing with them. Then ask for their input and instruction. Be sure also to ask them how they dealt with similar things when they were your age and how other people dealt with them too. Then ask them to listen to your perspective. And share not just information, but also your feelings.

When you can do this, you and your parents will be on the same team, even though you wonít necessarily agree on everything. If you canít do this, most things, even trivial things, could become major battles.

As you discuss this topic with your parents, I recommend looking up all the verses in the Bible about dancing. There arenít that manyóonly 27. While other biblical principles might relate to dancing without using that exact word, at least check out the passages that mention the word ďdance.Ē Here are the texts (from the King James Version):

Judges 21:21
Exodus 32:19
Job 21:1
1 Samuel 18:6
Psalm 149:3
1 Samuel 30:16
Psalm 150:4
2 Samuel 6:16
Ecclesiastes 3:4
1 Chronicles 15:29
Isaiah 13:21
Psalm 30:11
Jeremiah 31:13
Luke 15:25
Lamentations 5:15

Exodus 15:20
Judges 21:23
Judges 11:34
2 Samuel 6:14
Judges 21:21
Matthew 11:17
1 Samuel 21:11
Matthew 14:6
1 Samuel 29:5
Mark 6:22
Jeremiah 31:4
Luke 7:32

Obviously, not all dances are the same. Do some analysis. Which passages refer to a dance of worship? Which ones are about a community gathering? Which ones associate dancing with sexual promiscuity? Which ones demonstrate rebellion from Godís way?

Most teens I know are interested in dancing primarily as a social opportunity. Not all dances are sexual, but sometimes a dance that isnít sexual to you might be sexual to someone else. (Also, people who never dance can misuse the sexuality Godís given them.)

The truth is that Adventists have always been opposed to dancing thatís sexual, especially when it arouses people. (If youíre not completely sure of the difference between sexually arousing dancing and dancing that isnít sexual, ask your parents.)

Itís good for you and your parents to forge this path with an open channel of communication. Remember, theyíre on your side, and they want to help you do whatís right!

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