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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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What Can We do?


Our youth group doesn't like the way our youth leader teaches. What can we do?

Steve Answers:

What don't you like? Or let's look at it this way: What kind of teaching do you like?

I'd guess that you don't like straight lecturing, putdowns, things that seem totally irrelevant, or pat answers instead of exploring questions and finding biblical answers to issues you face.

Your youth leader is probably a volunteer, and volunteers are . . . volunteers. In other words, they're giving their time and energy because they care, not necessarily because they're trained for what they're doing.

When you recognize that your leader truly cares about you, it might tap a river of kindness in you that would make you gentle in communicating with him or her.

Now, let your youth leader know your suggestions for making your youth group even better! Just share what you like and what you'd like more of. Perhaps you could offer to team-teach with the youth leader one week, or even teach the class yourself.

Here's another practical idea. Why not suggest that both you and your youth leader attend a one-day youth ministry training seminar. Just call your conference youth director (your pastor can give you the phone number) and ask when, where, and how you can get some youth leadership training.

Most conference youth directors conduct training seminars for their youth leaders every year. And I know that your two conference youth directors did it this past year, because I did the training! I hope to see you (and your youth leader) at the next seminar.

In the meantime, try doing some of the leading now. You'll know what type of training you're looking for, and you'll have better questions to ask during the seminar. Good luck!

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