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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Foul-Language Friend Part III


Should I like someone who curses at my friends (even if my friends donít always treat me as a friend)?

Steve Answers:

This week weíre concluding our three-part discussion on whether itís a good idea to be involved with someone who uses foul language.

In part one we said that a person who curses appears to lack a certain respect for the noncursing person and their values. We also mentioned that a noncursing person may pick up the habit just by hanging around a cursing friend. .

In fact, people are not born cursers (although Iíve been around people who certainly seemed as if they were). They learn the habit. And they usually learn it in one (or both) of these ways: (1) through the people they hang around, or (2) through what they see and hear. .

Last week I elaborated on the first pointóthat people are influenced by whom they hang around. This week Iíll elaborate on the second point. .

Too many of you young people subject yourself to a barrage of inappropriate and indecent material coming from the music you listen to and the television programs and movies you watch. .

And you tell yourself that this stuff doesnít affect you? Please. With all due respect, young people, thatís nonsense. And hearing you argue this point would almost be funny if it werenít so deadly serious. .

The last time you stubbed your toe and it really hurt, what were the first words that came to your mindóeven if you didnít say them? (Be honest!) .

I thought so. Where do you think you learned those words? From Sabbath school class? I donít think so. .

And are you really prepared to tell me that you can watch some movie or video in which a barely dressed or completely undressed man and woman are passionately involved in some sexual activity, and it has no affect on you? Do you really believe that? .

Now, look at your clothes. How have movies, television, and music videos influenced what you buy at the mall? .

Are you wearing that only because you think it looks good on you and you like it? Or are you wearing what you think is in style? If you say youíre wearing only what you want to wear, letís see how long you wear it when itís no longer in style. .

Face it: Much of whatís really popularóparticularly in the areas of music, movies, and fashionógoes against the values that Christians believe. And the devilís whole aim is to get you to turn your back on those values. .

To accomplish his goal he works through those you associate with, and through what you see, hear, and say. Donít help him accomplish his goal!

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