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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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My Sabbath Schoolís a Mess


Iím in a small youth group of only eight to 10 people. Many of them come from different religious backgrounds and havenít been baptized.The problem is that the youth always talk among themselves while somebodyís leading up front. And whenever anyone speaks to them about their talking, they just make snide remarks.Is there anything I can do? Please help! My Sabbath schoolís a mess.

Steve Answers:

Iím glad youíre concerned about your Sabbath school, and Iíve got some good news for you. You can turn your youth groupís negative habits into positive ones.The fact that most teens in your group arenít baptized gives you a great opportunity to ask them where they are spiritually. Then give them a chance to answer.Beware, thoughósome teens are likely to make up stuff because they think the question is too personal. To help them feel comfortable about answering honestly, donít act as if this is the great judgment day. Just make it a casual sharing experience.

After asking the teens in your group where they are spiritually, ask them where theyíd like to be spiritually. Their answers are the real reasons to even have a Sabbath school or youth group.The most common reasons for having Sabbath school and youth groups are:

1. To help members start personal relationships with Jesus.
2. To help members grow in their existing relationships with Jesus.
3. To teach members how to let others know about Jesus.

If you discover that your youth group is meeting only out of habit or because other people are forcing you to, then no wonder everyoneís acting up. If thatís the case, itís time to come clean about why you guys have a youth group and why each of you attends.Now, about all the talking that goes on in Sabbath school . . . It sounds as if the youth in your group should do more leading. (And having people from different backgrounds lead Sabbath school could add a lot of spice to your programs.)When Sabbath school becomes a lecture session by an adult, itís common for youth to stop listening. And even if theyíre quiet, most youth would rather be involved.

If teens in your group arenít used to contributing to class, you may need to start gradually by breaking into smaller groups for discussions. But if theyíre ready to do some leading, try teaming one or two teens with an adult leader to plan and lead a Sabbath school program.Your adult leader(s) should certainly be open to your input and leadership. In fact, the sooner your youth group members take over your own spiritual development, the better itíll be for everyone.

So go for it! Get seriously involved in your youth group, and invite the rest to join you. This is your groupís chance to be real with God and with each other.

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