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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Does He Like Me?


How can you find out if a guy likes you before you

Steve Answers:

First, my usual disclaimer: If you’re high school age or younger, and you’re wanting a young fellow to know how you feel about him for the purpose of starting a steady dating relationship, I’ll say once more that I think you’re too young to date.

However, I realize that most young people want to date and do date, so I’ll answer your question based on where you are, not what I wish you’d do. For the record I wanted to make sure that everyone knows where I stand. Now I’ll answer your question.

I’m convinced that somewhere back in time, someone told women that they were exempt from all risks at the beginning of relationships, that the guy is always supposed to approach you first, and that through some process that I’m not certain even you can explain, the guy is always supposed to just know how you feel about him without your ever telling him.

Basically, many girls and women seem to feel their role is merely to say to a guy after he makes the first move, "Yes, I’m interested," or "No, I’m not interested." OK, fine.

But if you like him, what do you want the young fellow to think? That you don’t like him, even though you do? And if you succeed in making him think that you don’t like him even though you do, why would you expect him to approach you anyway?

Now, I don’t believe ladies ought to just go crazy and chase men all over creation. What I’m saying is that there’s a sensible middle ground between acting guy-crazy and playing games. There are things you can do to demonstrate that you’re clearly interested in a guy without having to say anything.

For example, when I was in college (notice the word "college"!) at Oakwood, I wasn’t sure the future Mrs. Edmond was interested in me. And I wasn’t about to make the first move until I was reasonably sure she was interested in me.

Well, like a lot of other young women, she hung out with a bunch of ladies–there seemed to be about 8,000 of them that did everything together. They’d all come to the cafeteria together, then all 8,000 of them would leave together.

One Sabbath morning I decided to see which the future Mrs. Edmond was more interested in being with–her friends or me. I was eating breakfast with her and the other 8,000 ladies in her group, and I decided to slow my eating way down so I’d finish after her. I wanted to see if she’d wait for me and not leave with her friends.

It was a difficult thing for me to do, because I eat rather quickly. But the future Mrs. Edmond eats very slowly (she still does, which may be one of the reasons she’s stayed slender over the years–when you eat as slowly as she does, you can’t eat very much; there isn’t enough time!) She waited for me, and I took it from there. Nearly 25 years of marriage and two children later (in that order!), we’re still together.

You don’t have to say to a young fellow that you’re interested, ladies. But at least sometimes you’ll have to indicate that you are. 

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