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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Flirting, pt 2


Is it a sin to flirt?

Steve Answers:

Last week we defined what sin is.

We said that something is a sin if God says it is, either directly in His Word or indirectly through a principle in His Word; or if the motive that guides the action is wrong. The right thing done for the wrong reason is a sin.

Let’s look at flirting in light of your motive. OK, all you flirters out there, what’s the motive behind your flirting?

That’s a question you’ll have to answer, because deciding another person’s motive is almost always wrong. But the Bible does allow for us to judge other people’s actions. Matthew 7:20 says, "By their fruit you will recognize them."

That means that I can look at what you’re doing, and if what you’re doing goes against what the Bible says, then I have some decisions to make.

For example, if I were being unfaithful to Mrs. Edmond, then the people at Insight would have to decide whether or not I should remain in the business of giving moral advice to young people, since I’d be publicly violating those standards and values myself.

Now, I can’t make decisions as to why you do what you do. I don’t know why other people do what they do. Sometimes I’m hard pressed to figure out why I do what I do.

So you flirters are the only ones who know your motives and why you flirt.

Now, I looked up the definition of "flirt" in the dictionary, and it basically said acting as though you’re really interested in a person in a romantic way when you really aren’t.

There’s something about acting in a way that makes a person think you’re romantically interested in them when you really aren’t. That just doesn’t strike me as a way a Christian young person ought to act.

If you know you might be giving a person, especially a person who has feelings for you, the wrong idea as to your feelings about them, why would you want to do that? 

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