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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Whatís our church doing to get people interested in reading the Bible and the books Ellen White wrote?

Steve Answers:

Isnít it wild that in places where people can hardly get Bibles, they crave them? But those of us who live in places where we can have several Bibles rarely appreciate them.I think I own more than 50 Bibles! I have printed versions plus CD-ROMs for both the Bible and the writings of Ellen White.When I was younger I didnít read the Bible for myself for two reasons: (1) it seemed like a textbook, and (2) I thought it was for adults.Then Jesus became real to me (and to several of my friends) when I was 14 years old. So I obtained a little pocket New Testament and began reading it. I read it to be in contact with Jesus, sort of like making phone calls to be in touch with friends.

About the same time I also started reading some books written by Ellen White. Messages to Young People seemed to be directed to teens, but I liked the small paperback version of Steps to Christ much better.Some of the young people at that time felt that adults used Ellen White as a bat to beat them or coerce them into doing what the adults wanted. That left a bad taste in the mouth of many teens. And nowadays it seems as if very few youth read anything written by Ellen Whiteóor even the Bible!

About five years ago our church leaders voted to emphasize the writings of Ellen White to young people. But voting that at a meeting doesnít necessarily make it happen.Even now Iím not aware of any surge in young people reading Ellen Whiteís books. In fact, Iíve recently put together some devotional talks on CD so people can listen to godly messages (since so few people read much of anything).

Forcing others to read the Bible and Ellen Whiteís books rarely works. Itís the same with any other issue. Many have tried to get others to quit smoking, drinking, doing drugs, overeating, etc. But itís just not going to happen until a person makes a decision themselves to do it.The group of people who work at the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference monitor the use and distribution of Ellen Whiteís writings. They recently hired a new associate director, Cindy Tutsch. Sheíll be responsible for stimulating the use (not the abuse) of the writings of Ellen White.

Cindy Tutsch has always made an impact wherever she ministers. So I invite you to pray for her.In the meantime, why not give Cindy some help? Spread the good news about what you can find in these materials that are designed to put us in contact with God.

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