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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Meet Steve


We Need Revival!


We have the truth, but we’re not preaching it the way we should. Worse than that, we’ve become so familiar with the Word of God that we aren’t living by what we know to be right. We need spiritual revival, but how can we get it?

Steve Answers:

Usually when I hear, ÒWe need spiritual renewal and revival,Ó it comes from somebody whoÕs frustrated that more people arenÕt sincere or enthusiastic about spiritual things. IÕve feltthat way. And sometimes IÕve heard others say that type of thing when I wasnÕt spiritually on fire myself.

Has the same been true for youÐsometimes youÕre hot, sometimes lukewarm, sometimes cold? Or do you find yourself to be a constant source of inspiration to others, proclaiming a consistent testimony, perpetually serving others, and listening to those who are distraught?

A broad question such as "We need spiritual revival, but how can we get it?" deserves a response. But IÕm not sure that you and I have the same experience with Adventists, or evenif weÕve been to the same Adventist churches. I can make some guesses as to why you or others feel as though the church needs spiritual revival:


1. Jesus hasnÕt returned, and itÕs hard to wait any longer.

2. Life has become too boring.

3. The church seems to be for old people.

4. Members donÕt care about "truth"Ðthey just want to have fun.


Try creating a list of your own. Try creating one with your youth group or even some adults.

I think youÕll find that JesusÕ parable about the sower or farmer will provide some answers to your questions. You can find it in Matthew 13:1-23. Verse 15 says, "This peopleÕs heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes."

Verses 18-23 explain the parable. The seed represents the good news about GodÕs kingdom that gets spread all over the place. But sometimes those who hear it are hardened, and the devil snatches the good news away.

Some who hear the good news respond with joy, but they quickly lose their liveliness because itÕs a shallow experience that hasnÕt grown any roots. Basically, once some tough times come, they quit religion.

Others who hear the good news respond positively. But then the things of this world take precedence, and the good news gets choked out.

The bottom line is that good soil produces a good harvest.

Usually we place guilt on people and tell them to try harder or to get more serious or to put forth more energy toward God. It might last for a short time. But according to the parable, the problem is with the soil.

What is needed is proper soil preparation. If your heart is hard, it needs to be plowed up and turned over and probably broken up quite a bit. If youÕre living in rocky soil, the rocks need to be removed in order for the good news about the kingdom to take root. Or if youÕre mixing the things of the world with the good news of the kingdom, then the kingdom will get squeezed out.

If you want a spiritual crop, you need to prepare the soil. Are you ready to lead the way and have your life be turned upside down, sifted, weeded, and some things removed? If not, donÕt ask others to do it either. But if you are ready, why not lead the way by first being an example? Then, when others see the good that results, theyÕll bedirected to God (see Matthew 5:16).

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