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My Friend is Dissing God


My Friend Doesn't Want to Hear About God. What Should I Do?

Shayna Answers:

Dear Reader,
Well, if your friend doesn’t want to hear about God, then don’t talk about God. Let me explain why. In Mark 4:1-20 Jesus tells His disciples the parable of the sower. According to the parable, a sower is spreading seed. Some of the seed falls along a path, some on a rocky place, some in thorns, and some on good soil.

In verses 13-20 Jesus ex-plains that the parable is supposed to reflect people’s reaction to hearing about God. Those who are ready will accept what they hear about Him. But discouragement and trouble will prevent many others from hearing about Him with an open heart.

As far as your friend is concerned, don’t force God on them. Instead, pray for the Holy Spirit to work on your friend’s heart. Anyway, the Holy Spirit has to prepare a person’s heart in order for them to be able to really accept and understand what you have to say about God. So when the Holy Spirit has done that, more often than not, your friend will come to you and ask you to tell them about God.

I had a friend in college who swore up and down that he was an atheist. He vehemently put his trust in science and not in God. He knew my position on religion, and he also knew about my job—writing this column.

I gave up talking about God in my friend’s presence, because I knew how opposed he was to anything I had to say. And I hated having three-hour-long “discussions,” as he would call them. They were really arguments about why he thought my beliefs were wrong. Yet he continually asked me about God, the Bible, my beliefs, and even what I wrote for this magazine.

When the Holy Spirit starts working on a non-Christian’s heart, they suddenly have a lot of questions. They may claim that they don’t want to talk about God, but yet they’ll be the one to bring up the subject and ask you for answers.

Don’t forget that it’s very difficult for people who’ve never heard about God—much less had a relationship with Him—to abandon their previous beliefs and behaviors. Sometimes an antagonistic friend who gets combative when you talk about God is really a friend who’s becoming curious and afraid.

People decipher a lot from your actions. So you’re already saying a lot about God without actually saying anything. Keep praying for your friend, and eventually he or she will make the decision to accept the Holy Spirit’s prodding or to reject it.

Jesus liked to describe our spiritual readiness with parables about growing plants. In Matthew 9:37, 38 He talks about the “harvest” being ready. If and when your friend is ready to hear about God, the seed of curiousity will begin to grow. That’ll be your cue to step in and answer the questions they ask you. Until then, though, don’t push too hard. Interest in God has to come from a person’s own desire. When your friend is ready, you’ll know.

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