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Why Are Guys Geeks or Freaks?


Why are teen guys either geeks (they don't care if Claudia Schiffer walked by) or freaks (they're obsessed with girls)?

Steve Answers:

I have found that most teen guys aren't as geeky or freaky as I was during my teen years, but let me tell you what happened to me.

I had three sisters, so girls weren't a new discovery to me--they were brats and had cooties. I promised that I would always hate girls!

Then the strangest thing happened during eighth grade. Instead of hating girls, I found myself obsessed with them. There was no warning or gradual shift. It was blam! Girl-crazy!

One day I would have blown off Claudia Schiffer; the next day I panted after Bertha Buckwheat (or anything with the slightest resemblance of being female). Yes, I was out of control. But nobody asked me if I wanted this to happen--it just did.

Now I couldn't even talk to girls without drooling. I tried to get their attention by punching them in the shoulder or tripping them. For some reason they didn't care for my overtures.

I ended up going to malls and watching girls since I couldn't talk to them. I envied the guys who could just walk up to a girl and talk to her. I tried to tag along with some who could do that.

Scantily clad females in magazines gave me the opportunity to gaze and gawk without getting slapped in the face. I made one of them a bookmark for a textbook (until the female junior high teacher confiscated it from me).

It's not fair that girls reach puberty approximately two years before guys. Come to think of it, maybe the girls were feeling nervous talking to me when I was playing with frogs and worms.

I thought for sure that I stopped being a Christian during this time. My thoughts seemed to be sexual continually. I felt lots of guilt before I understood that God created me as a male and that one of the things that made me different from other animals was that I could make choices rather than act only from instinct. But during that process I probably seemed more like an animal than a guy.

If you're a female reading this, please understand that most teen guys aren't as bad as I was. But also help us by affirming our ability to make choices with our heads instead of being controlled by our new rush of hormones.

We want to be responsible and positive in our social interactions. Please be patient and treat us as whole people. Then you will help us remember that, too.

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