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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Everyone's Having Sex But Me

Dear Concerned,

There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re completely normal! Most girls, whether or not they are Seventh-day Adventist, have struggled with this exact situation. Having survive... read more


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Nickname: Jaydin
Comment: Im from New York too, and I know the situation that you had to put up with. I saw a couple of my friends deal with great regret from giving their virginity away before they were married. I agree with Shanya: stay strong with God and do what He says is right. Things come out so much better in the end. And not everyone is doing it! There will be those who are keeping themselves pure.
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Nickname: Jaydin
Comment: To Concerned (continued): Dont worry about those who disregard what God says. God will honor your persistence and He will show you in time how He has been guiding you. He showed me, and I feel so protected and thankful for that. Youre not abnormal. May God bless you, and keep the good fight. God will reward you.
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Comment: You are normal Im 17 and havent had sex yet. Please wait until youre married to do so since thats when tthe time is right. You dont want to risk getting pregnant or a STD.
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Nickname: just wondering..
Comment: whats so wrong with sex before marriage anyways? i mean i dont really see it as a sin. but im not sure. its not like im going to have sex before i get married but im just wondering.
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Nickname: Blessed_an_Highly_Favored
Comment: you are not weird im 15 also and i have also chozen to save myself until i am married so do u think that make me weird not it make me sart and im making God happy by keeping His will
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Nickname: camille
Comment: You are not weird at all. I am 16 and I have never had sex. You are o.k., dont let your peers pressure you or determine your future. Im proud of you, keep it up!
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Nickname: trinischolar
Comment: Im 22 years old and still waiting until I am married to have sex. Dont give in to those around you arent doing the right thing
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