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Have you ever misjudged someone because of how they looked and then were later proved wrong? What did you learn about yourself, and how did it change the way you now interact with people?

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The Guard
Date Issued: 12.20.14

We lay on the hard, cold linoleum floor watching the people walk by. One at a time, never in a group, some in a hurry, some looking a bit lost. The minutes ticked by—each seeming to ...

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Running the Death Race
Date Issued: 12.13.14

The first time I heard about adventure racing was when my brother posted a Tough Mudder video on my Facebook page. The video featured dramatic music and a hoard of mentally unstable people ...

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Finding God in Florida
Date Issued: 12.06.14

What? You’re not going to Disney World?” My friend was shocked that I had made no plans to visit theme parks during my trip to Orlando, Florida. Really, what other reason would ...

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A Thousand Miles Away
Date Issued: 11.29.14

I still remember the day we found out. It was on a road trip to Southern Adventist University, going to visit my sister for the weekend. As usual, I climbed into the car, waited for my dad ...

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Lessons From a Snowy Ditch
Date Issued: 11.22.14

Oh, no, no, no, no! This cannot be happening to me!” I begged, as I felt the right side of my vehicle hit the bottom of the ditch. Once my small black car slowly stopped moving, I put ...

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Full Circle
Date Issued: 11.15.14

My father-to-be was on furlough from the Army and went with a friend to South Central Los Angeles as a wingman on a date. It turns out that my dad’s date brought her girlfriend—my ...

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Out of the Closet
Date Issued: 11.08.14

The National Football League (NFL) draft had a different look this year. Most years the top story revolves around the marquee college quarterbacks, players with the potential to resurrect ...

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God, a Camera, and a Studio
Date Issued: 11.01.14

Jesus: The Desire of Ages movie ( was birthed in a graveyard, one of the favorite haunts of Nancy Hamilton Myers, producer/director and cofounder of Golden Eagle ...

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It's All Good
Date Issued: 10.25.14

Carly was 12 when her mom died of cancer. Aaron was 17 when he lost his father to cancer. Harley was 12 when her dad suddenly died of a heart attack. Christine was 16 when she died in a car ...

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Good Enough?
Date Issued: 10.18.14

If you die tonight, will you go to heaven? Why or why not?” Those were the questions on the survey they passed out at my church recently. I sat and stared at it for a moment in, I admit, ...

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I'm Different
Date Issued: 10.11.14

We’ve all heard the expressions “YOLO” and “Live while you’re young.” To us, it’s normal. Whether it’s our friends or the social media saying ...

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Diabolical Dilemma
Date Issued: 10.04.14

To be honest, when I heard that satanists wanted to build a statue of Satan and put it up in the Oklahoma state capitol, my first reaction was “You’ve got to be kidding me!” ...

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