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Witnessing . . . With a Price

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Justin loved his Sabbath school class. His teacher made the Bible come alive. He didn’t stand in front of the class and preach, he gave the students activities to do that made them think.

“I have an announcement to make, and I hope all of you will have fun with it,” Mr. Parks said. “We are going to make tracts. Witnessing to others is one of the greatest commissions we are given in the Bible. Everyone needs the Savior. And we need to reach as many people as we can.”

“What are we supposed to put in the tract?” Alicia asked.

“Whatever you want,” Mr. Parks said.

“We want you to always be ready to witness and to answer questions about why you believe what you believe. I want you to use your own experiences,” Mr. Parks explained.

The kids offered different ideas they had. They were excited about the project—all except Justin, that is. He listened to everyone’s ideas, but he couldn’t think of anything he could write in a tract.

He raised his hand and waited for Mr. Parks to call on him.

“Yes, Justin. Do you have a question?”

“How long do we have to do these?”

“I would like you to bring in a finished tract in two weeks,” Mr. Parks said.

Justin sighed in relief. At least he could take some time to think about it. And think about it he did. It was almost all he thought about. He even got in trouble in math class because he was trying to jot down some notes for his tract. It didn’t bother him that his teacher took away what he had been working on because later he thought it was a dumb idea after all.

That afternoon he had wrestling practice. He was still thinking about what he could put in his tract. He had only a couple more days before it needed to be completed. But then, as he watched his teammates wrestling on the mat, he came up with an idea. Everyone wrestled with sin. He could use some facts about wrestling and scripture verses about how people in the Bible wrestled with sin. He couldn’t wait to get home and begin working on his project.

That next Sabbath morning the tracts were due. He proudly handed his to Mr. Parks as soon as he came in the classroom. Mr. Parks carefully read the whole tract. “I’m proud of you!” he said. “I knew you guys would come up with some good ideas, but this is excellent!”

Justin was proud of his work too.

“Why don’t you sit down? I think you’ll like what I have to tell the class.”

At the beginning of the class each student gave a brief explanation of their tract and then passed it around so that everyone could look at it.

“I think you will all be surprised at what we have been offered. A local print shop heard what we were doing and has offered to print your tracts so we can pass them out to people in our neighborhoods.” Mr. Parks was clearly excited about this.

All of a sudden Justin spoke up. “You can only have mine to print if the Davises aren’t printing it!”

Mr. Parks was shocked. He did not know what to say. It was in fact the Davises who had offered to print the tracts. They were members of the church and wanted to help the young people be able to share their love for Christ.

Mr. Parks decided not to comment on Justin’s statement in front of the rest of the class. Instead, he added, “We’ll let you know when we get them back, and then we’ll set a date for when we can pass them out.”

Justin thought Mr. Parks didn’t seem like himself for the rest of the class. He figured that meant it had been the Davises that had offered to print the tracts. The Parks and the Davises were best friends, so it made sense that they would talk. Justin didn’t care. His parents had had a disagreement with the Davises, and he wanted nothing to do with them, ever! And he certainly did not want to give them any business. Not with his tract anyway.

After class Mr. Parks called to Justin, “Could I talk to you for a minute, please?”
Justin remained seated.

Mr. Parks waited until everyone else left the room, and then he closed the door. “I have to tell you, I’m a little shocked by your outburst earlier.”

“Do you know what Mrs. Davis said about my mom?” Justin was really angry now.

“I know that there are two sides to every story,” Mr. Parks said. “I’m not going to say anything about what happened between your parents and the Davises. That’s not what is disturbing me. It’s your attitude.”

Justin was still clearly upset. “If you heard what she said, you wouldn’t like her, either.”

Mr. Parks moved on to the topic that he was concerned about. “The Davises are the ones who offered to print the tracts. For free.” He added that for emphasis. “It bothers me because of all the tracts that were created, yours was the best. And it really bothers me that you would rather not share the gospel at all just because someone you weren’t fond of was part of its production.”

Justin put his head down. He was beginning to understand why Mr. Parks was disappointed. “I guess I would have to answer to God if someone didn’t get to know Christ because of a decision I made.”

Mr. Parks nodded his head. “We will all have to answer to God for the same thing.” Then he smiled. “I just don’t want you to have to answer to God for this one.”

Justin smiled. “Can I change my mind about having my tract printed?”

“Absolutely!” Mr. Parks almost shouted.

“Good,” Justin said. “I want to tell people about God, and if my tract can help me do that, I’m going to need a lot of them.”

Ruth O’Neil writes from Lynchburg, Virginia.

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