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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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You Know What Assuming Does . . .
Date Issued: 04.02.16

As I plopped into the driver’s seat of my bright red 1996 Nissan, I felt a strange sensation wash over me. A pang of painful sympathy mixed with the fear of being gullible and looking ...

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Trapped at the Beach
Date Issued: 03.26.16



Click. I froze, my arm mid-reach toward the backseat car door handle, unable to believe what had just ...

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Starving for Truth
Date Issued: 03.19.16

 The year I turned 12 was the same year that I decided God had made a mistake with my body.

I was training as a figure skater, and I loved every ...

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To Dream an Impossible Dream
Date Issued: 03.12.16

Does it do any good to have a dream when there is no possible way to see that
dream through? Does mission work ever amount to more than touching a few lives for a short time? Just ask ...


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Tainted Love
Date Issued: 03.05.16

Everyone wishes you were dead.” Raindrops chased each other down the windowpane, mocking the warm tears that fell softly down my cheeks. His harsh words ricocheted in my mind. I tried ...

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Cast Down, But Not Cast Out
Date Issued: 02.27.16

Born with a useless right leg and abandoned by his father shortly after his birth, all Emmanuel could hope for in a country with an annual income of $500 was life on the street as a beggar. ...

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Finding a Friend in Yourself
Date Issued: 02.20.16

Why is it important to be a good friend to yourself? Whether you are surrounded by a hoard of besties or fill the role of lone wolf, being a good friend to yourself is the best way to be a ...

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Sweaty Hands and a Thumping Chest
Date Issued: 02.13.16

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. Robert Frost.*

In my opinion, poetry is an expression of what ...

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Words That Heal
Date Issued: 02.06.16

Addison sits in the backseat of the Honda as she stares out at the world passing by. She prefers to quietly process what she takes in and only talk about it when she ...

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The Loser Factory
Date Issued: 01.30.16

Who makes them? Is there a factory somewhere? How come we seem to have so many of them running around? Where do losers come from?

Everywhere you look, there are losers (or ...


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The Talk
Date Issued: 01.23.16

I am going to begin in a strange place, the book of Leviticus. You will remember it as a list of random rules about how and when holy days should be observed, what to do with lepers’ ...

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Climbing the Walls
Date Issued: 01.16.16

Three blasts on the whistle. “All right, that’s a new world record! Everyone can come down.” With that, everyone broke into spontaneous cheers, shouts, and laughter, followed ...

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