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How do I grieve?

Posted by Ashley on 2/7/2004 10:24:40 PM

Hey.. About a month ago my mother passed away. It was a sudden thing and very unexpected. I am now left with my brother and dad. I know that my mom is in a better place, she is with God! But I still can't help but feel so sad. Can anyone help me? I don't want to go to the therapy. Im reading some books. I just would appreciate some advice! Thanks!! Robin ;)


- eeoAPbaevpdOKvbfrom Philly, Jan 14 2014 6:12AM
Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful coitbnrution.

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- Re: How do I grieve?from pieced together, 1/2/2008
You have my absolute sympathy. I've had many in my family die, but I know on the final judgment day, they will come with the believers to heaven. God cares about your loss and wants to hold you in his arms. "The Lord cares deeply when his loved ones die" Psalm 116:15 I'm sorry to say this, but when you die, you are not transported strait to heaven. I know how hard this is to hear, but please listen. Here are some texts that will explain better than I ever could: Revalation 20:4-6 Psalm 115:17 Ecclesiastes 9:5 1 Corinthians 15:51-58 Don't just take my words, look at the texts, question them. Talk to God, he is the master and the greatest counselor, confidant, or anything else you need him for, he's there. You're never alone, no matter how you feel. Once again I am sorry about your mother, there is no proper way to grieve, as long as it comes from your heart and not just meaningless motions, like the hired mourners in the bible. I'm sorry Ashley

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- Re: How do I grieve?from Axel, 6/20/2007
First of all, when people die, they do not go directly to heaven. No one knows the time or day Jesus will come again, but He will, and will take us home. But I know how you feel. I lost my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather. Loss is a hard thing to deal with, but having the blessed hope helps. Remember, you will see your mother again very soon. All the troubles in this world point to one thing: Jesus is coming again very soon. We will see our loved ones again if we continue loving Jesus and being faithful to Him.

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- Re: How do I grieve?from Ali, 8/26/2006
It's such a terrible thing that you lost a loved one. I can't say that i can directly relate...but i know if i lost a loved one i would be devastated. But you are allowed to grieve. If you dont then all your emotions get bottled up and eventually you'll feel the pain of it later and even develop psychological problems. If you have someone who can share almost about it. Although it might about the good times you've had with your Mom. Although she is not presently with God she will be when He comes again. ANd think of it in this way...she doesn't have to feel the pain and hurt of Earth any longer. She is sleeping. And you should take this time to get closer with GOd too. Take care

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- Re: How do I grieve?from n/a, 8/18/2006
Sorry to hear about your mom. What i do to comfort myself when i'm sad is read books that interest me, watch a lot of t.v. (stay away from the food),lean on your friend and hold on to the family that u left with.

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- Re: How do I grieve?from Jaydin, 6/11/2005
People say that u shouldn't say this, but i will. I feel ur pain. i lost my aunt suddenly about 2 months ago, and the sting of it is still there. I miss her sooo much,, and i regret that i din't spend more time with her the last time i saw her alive. To cope with it :1. Pray,pray ,pray. It helps tremendusly, even if it doesn't fell like it.2. Talk about it.3. Keep company with that people closet to u. (refer to #2)4. Cry if u need to. One of my relatives told me not to because i had to stay strong, but i didn't listen. It releases pain and anger.5. Think about the good times.6. Remeber, God allowed it to happen for a reason. We don't know, but remeber Romans 8:28. Everyone goes through trials, but it makes u stronger.Pray for me, and i'll pray for u. God knows best!

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- Re: How do I grieve?from Lucy Lou, 4/14/2005
I just recently lost my grandmother. It was completely unexpected. while she was driving a tree fell on the vehicle on a windy day. How odd is that. I was in shock when i first heard it but of course it all sank in the day of the funeral. I wasn't really really close to her but after this event, it has helped me realize that i was closer to her than i thought i was. I was her only granddaughter, so i was special to her and now i realize just how special she was to me. Just look back on all the good times,inside jokes you shared,similarities you both had, happy moments, it will make you smile and be glad for those good times. Just try to go on your normal life like you usually would. That is what she would want you to do, be happy and live life to the fullest. Hopefully you will see her again when Jesus comes back to take the righteous to the home he has prepared for them. God Bless

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- Re: How do I grieve?from orchid, 1/7/2005
I lost my mom in august of 2001 only a month before September 11th. I have learned that there is no special way to grieve. There is no crime in being happy. I remember the first few weeks I had this huge regret that I didn't show my mom enough love. but then I realized that it was too late for regrets and that instead of mourning over regrets and losses like the devil would want me to, I should look forward to the future of heaven and live my life like she would want me to. I remember when I came to school that Fall everyone was shocked that I still laughed and joked. I believe that being calm and contented in the midst of life's horrors and tradgedies is a testament of faith.

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- Re: How do I grieve?from Ken R., 1/1/2005
First of all, your mom, sadly, isn't with God at the moment. But, gladly, when Jesus comes, you'll get to see her again. Second, sometimes, you just have to cry. I cry when I'm sad and that really gets a load off my back. I am very sorry that you lost a loved one.

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- Re: How do I grieve?from jennifer roberson, 12/17/2004
We all greive in our own way,I just lost my beloved mother on Nov 28 and I still can't beleive that it happened some moments are unbearable and some moments just pass by.I have realized that the most important thing she ever taught me was about Jesus.I have no doubt that she is sitting at the right hand of our father.Still none of those comforts take away the deep pain I feel.I'm 32 and I know I will always hurt for me,the times I am missing,the things I will never get to do with her.She lives in me and the way that I treat others,all I can do is pray and talk to her and continue to make her proud.

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