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wish God would speak up

Posted by lindie on 6/11/2005 6:45:37 PM

im reaching the deadline on making my college decision, and i've asked God to let me know what direction He wants me to take. how do you know if you're making your decisions based on your own will or because of God's? how does God speak 2 u? i'd luv advice!


- Re: wish God would speak upfrom olivia, 6/9/2007
"whether u turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying 'this is the way, walk in it"

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- Re: wish God would speak upfrom Mikael, 7/15/2006
An assistant pastor at my church had a the same trouble, to go to college for medicine or to be a pastor. Our church group went to a foreign place (sorry cant remember the name), but it was a different language and half of them were helping translate, Danny (the guy with the decision) was preaching to these people in a discussion, the next week a lady came up to him and someone translated for her, I was listening to you preach last week and I wanted to tell you what I saw when I closed my eyes. you wearing a doctor white suit, and thousands of people were coming to see him and you were great, not only you cared for patience you had a spiritual connection with them. Can you believe a total stranger came up to him and that was a sign from God. So don't worry, if you prayed, God will show you the answer some how.

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- Re: wish God would speak upfrom n/a, 6/2/2006
Ask God to speak to you, and tell Him that you will keep an open mind. I'm assuming that you're trying to decide between a SDA college and a public college. If you are, then know that public colleges are more-- I don't know how to say it---- like free. If you go to a SDA college, it's like no sex, and wild parties, and parties seem to be second nature at public colleges. I think that SDA colleges/universities are more safe and gaurded. Pray about it.

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- Re: wish God would speak upfrom Chanel, 3/4/2006
I definitely understand what you're going through Lindie. I had a similar problem. I always use to doubt God and ask him "WHY" and "WHY ME" when faced with any problem or conflict that i thought i couldn't bear. Every time i doubted God, He would just reveal something to me which was his way of telling me that He's still there. Sometimes God is talking to us and the different elements and bad habits in our life subconsciously tune Him out, which makes us think that He's leaving our questions unanswered or our problems without solution.

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- Re: wish God would speak upfrom n/a, 2/17/2006
Or maybe this could be a Jordan river experience. The Israelite nation had just spent 40+ years wandering in the desert, after the Red sea, and all that God had taught them through their journey with him. God required a step of faith, they had to step into the river before he would part it....maybe he is calling you to have a step of faith....also read His word, let God speak to you.

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- Re: wish God would speak upfrom Eldar, 7/26/2005
Since you asked God to let him show you the direction in what he wants you to take, just trust in Him. Sometimes we have a hard time doing that because we may not realize how to trust in God. even sometimes I need help in trustin g in him, and trust me I'd really love to trust in Him. Its just like saying if you told your best friend a secret or anybody you can trust, and you know they were the best secret keeper in the whole world, after you told that person the secret you wouldn't keep worrying about or continually day after day asking them if they told the secret or not, because you trust them and know how they are. And another thing, God does not want us to worry, too much worrying can get to us, make us doubtful and we won't be able to think straight. Just trust in the Lord and keep praying, the Lord hears our prayers. (oh yeah and always do the right things!)

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- Re: wish God would speak upfrom n/a, 7/21/2005
what i do is pray that God will let me interpret his word the way he wants me to. Then open up your Bible and see how he speaks to you.

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