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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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why me?

Posted by holita mo on 9/9/2007 5:08:42 PM

please help me now i am going to commit suicide, please give me tips on god.


- Re: why me?from n/a, 10/15/2007
i've been there before believe me i can kinda understand what you're going through... walking around each day with a bottle of pills deciding whether or not life is worth living, having the lowest self esteem one could imagine, feeling hopeless.. i've been there... and I survived... You can too- yes it hurts right now and things look pretty darn bad- but there will be a brighter day... God loves you, regardless of anything you might have done, or anybody else might have done to you- NOTHING CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD!!! AMEN...i'm praying for you :o)

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- Re: why me?from Amber, 10/14/2007
Plz don't commit suicide, everyone loves you. Plz *crying* you are my sister and I want to see you in heaven when Jesus comes again to take us home. God had given each a life to spread the gospel about him, no matter how hard it is. There is two roads, one the narrow and the other the wide. The narrow its hard to follow, but than will be happy at the end, because we are with God. The wide there is no happiness there is just death, nothing else but pitch darkness. So, plz don't commit suicide, there is so much in the world that God wants us to do, like spread the gospel and alot of more stuff. He knows how you feel, right now he is carrying you to get through your depression. He dosen't want you to give up on life, even I don't want you to give up on life. Plz don't commit suicide. We all love you, were brother and sister, I'll pray for you. May God bless you.

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- Re: why me? 4rm khanya in south africafrom Khanya from South Africa, 10/11/2007
Baby gal i knw exactly hw u feel i have been there and honestly DONT DO IT this is where satan wants u 2 be for he knwz that u wil help in spreadin Gods words_ take it 4rm some1 who knwz its nt worth it i held on thru thick nd thin nd knw at my school i am helpn otha teens wit problems dnt du it i love u u r loved by every1 around u nd mostly by God be strong 4 hm

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- Re: why me?from Bella, 10/10/2007
God hears and feels you pain, let go of your burdens and give them all to him. Death is not part of his plan for your life. God offers you the gift of eternal life, accept it. Suicide is not a solution, in the resurrection morning where will you stand? GO SEE A CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR IMMEDIATELY!

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- Re: why me?from BlueSalad, 10/9/2007
Boy have I felt like that! God knows how you feel call out to him and he'll show you the way. He loves you and doesn't want you to end your life. btw you have no right to take away something that doesn't belong to you. God gave you your life. He wants you to use it for his will. I advise you to read the Bible and pray. God be with you!

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- Re: why me?from E, 9/27/2007
Please tell me you did not do it. I am still praying for you.

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- Re: why me?from jesus girl, 9/26/2007
if you're feeling like the world's untop your shoulders and there is no way out.i have news 4 u my see god cares 4 you as if there's no one else in this world.he's your burden bearer.just cry out his name ,he's ready and waiting.just let him know that you need his help.there's hope my friend.god loves you and wish 4 u to be his.there's not one problem that god can't handle.i'll be praying along with u.keep living;live 4 jesus!

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- Re: why me?from Jo-ny, 9/22/2007
um, why ru gonna commit suicide? I think of it sumtimes as well, but to me its just Satan trying to let my thoughts of myself go too far. Most of the times I think about it is when i feel like I have no purpose, or life has no meaning, or that nobody cares about me (because people can be so selfish sometimes), but I know that my life isn't mine: that I am God's and if I submit to him, he will help me and he will use me. remember its about God, not about u, but it in the end it pays off. God only sends angels to help you if you really want help. If u don't want it, there's nothing he can do. His ears are always open, and so are is eyes!

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- Re: why me?from angell, 9/18/2007
God loves you like if you were the only person in this world.he loves you more than anyone on this planet.when the world rejects you,God will always let you in.when you have problems,God can't wait you to come to him.god wants you to be happy and strong.Don't let satan gotta be strong.Show devil hat you are strong and that you will win!Just be strong and pray pray & pray..and God will always hear you and help you in any situatins..even when you think that it's impossible..Remember..Nothing's impossible!..God will move a mountain for you so just believe and be strong..cuz you are strong with the help of God..Good luck ma friend..God's with you..

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- Re: why me?from didi, 9/16/2007
I remember reading something in a book.. it said something to the effect that our problems in life are not as big as we see them. Our imagination makes them big, and difficult to overcome. I dont know your problems,they may seem as impossible to overcome as moving a mountain, but I encourage you to don't let your mind think about your problems, the more you think on them , the bigger they seem. Instead, pray to God in sincerity to come live in you, and to control all your mind, thoughts, desires, and problems. Don't try to fight life yourself. You can't do it. Allow god to live in you, and then HE aill live His life in you.

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