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How does God bless us ?

Posted by Prayer Girl on Jul 28 2008 3:23PM

I am an adventist, and i pray and asks for God to bless my family just like any other person. But lately my family has been going through things and i am starting to wonder whether God really blesses. I have been praying asking him to bless my family financially, but i feel like i have been getting mediocre blessings and not what i am intended to get. Could it be that i am not doing something right, in my Christian walk? I feel like we are not getting what we deserve . Please help me understand this question i have been pondering.


- Re: How does God bless us ?from n/a, Jan 30 2010 7:06PM
Well Prayer Girl, this is the issue. You think God isn't blessing you. well i want you to answer these questions: Do u get back from school safely, breath air, are you homeless? These just some of the blessings God has been giving you. Just because you don't get the money you want doesn't mean God isn't blessing. Does your family always have just have enough money for the things you need. Prayer Girl remember that God only the things you need not what you.Remember what David said. David said that, through his whole life he hasn't seen a christian begging for food or money. So know that God listens to your prayers, but he only give your family what you guys need. Those little blessings you receive all count.

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- Re: How does God bless us ?from S. Morgan, Aug 1 2008 8:45PM
Yes God rellly is blessing you.. The fact that you that you've related that you think you are getting 'mediocre blessings' is proof. And no, God doesn't bless us according to our deeds but he blesses us "according to His riches in glory." Keep praying and trust His judgement of your situation to acting the way He sees fit... when He sees t fit. Do not despair because you think you are not blessed enough financially because the Bible does say that "Riches profitnot in the day of death wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death." ( Prov. 11v4) keep trusting and loving the Loed and NEVER doubt his judgement.

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- Re: How does God bless us ?from Lindesy, Aug 1 2008 1:01PM
Just keep praying and God will bless you in due time. Remember that He is with you always. This may be a time in your life where you have to trust God for a long time like Noah did, and your faith may grow from this.

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- Re: How does God bless us ?from Dwain, Jul 30 2008 5:17AM
It's really tough to accept when things are not going like we feel they should. I know you feel. I've been praying for some financial blessings for my family, and things don't seem to be getting any better. I'm trying to accept that God's plan for my family right now may be different than mine--and better in the long run. Check out Romans 8:28-32. Keep trusting God. He hears you. He said he'd never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Keep praying, and I'll be praying for you and your family.

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- Re: How does God bless us ?from lana, Jul 29 2008 6:26AM
i think that god is just testing you because i was praying for someone dear to me and i felt like god was not listening to me and i started to feel the same way like you but then i read this story that says all things work together for good so all we have to do is trust and believe that he will help us in our desperate times so i will advise you not to give up but keep on praying and believing and remember all things work together for good amen

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