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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Set Free? (June 27)

Posted by Staff on Jun 22 2009 6:05AM

Just as Jesus set people free from demons, from what has He set you free?


- eVSfjhxBdinDBFrMXmGOfrom Chartric, Jan 14 2014 7:09PM
I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enagtrllinh!

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- Re: Set Free? (June 27)from Donald, Jun 29 2009 11:42AM
Growing up in Jesus has truly been a blessing. He has freed me from so many things, but most importantly he gave me the strength to shed my anger at myself and towards others. I also had a bad battle with chat forums on line, but I asked for Him to step in and take over and I am free from Satan's bondage.

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- Re: Set Free? (June 27)from Keishal, Jun 27 2009 11:49AM
Ith you try to keep steady an egg without hoding it or supporting it it wood Fall down but i you get some rice and but the egg ontop o it it will not Fall down so it says without support aka God we drop but with God we can stay still and i we pray or God to hep us or deillish things or porn things coming to mind soz about spelling my keyboards a bit broken with a ew etters

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- Re: Set Free? (June 27)from Keisha, Jun 27 2009 10:04AM
My mate used to be gay and he didn't go to church so I went home one day and i prayed or him and then i inited him round ery sabbath and prayed with him and he started comeing to church with me and got baptized and had specia bibe casses and he stopped being gay it was amazing I thank the ord aot or that

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- Re: Set Free? (June 27)from v911, Jun 26 2009 1:15PM
I am an SDA and , i thank to god because he helped me not to TRY smoking or to drink alcohol and i can say that i'm very happy about this even that some of my friends said that i am a kind of freak.Praying and having a good way of life is the key:D and i love it !!!

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- Re: Set Free? (June 27)from Andru, Jun 24 2009 11:11PM
Well I was addicted to pornography and I prayed earnestly and asked God to deliver me from my sins. I have lost my appetite for sexual material and now he is helping me to manage my lustful desires, I know by faith that he will deliver me from this as well as there has been a significant Improvement in that area as well. People do not doubt the power of God to free you from sin

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- Re: Set Free? (June 27)from Kadeen R, Jun 23 2009 8:44PM
At first I was an introvert, I didn't like making new friends or talking to my parents or anyone for that matter. Jesus set me free from that because the closer I got to him the friendly I became. However the demons of my past still linger in the sense that alot of people don't want to be my friend because of how I behaved.

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