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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Make Sabbath Interesting?

Posted by Shin on Jun 4 2010 6:20PM

Okay, I know Sabbath is supposed to be a time where we commune with God and get in touch with Him, but sometimes I find Sabbath a bit on the dull and repetitive side, and even try to hurry it up by sleeping through it. But I don't want that anymore. How can I 'spice up' my Sabbath so I can have a good time with the Savior who died for me?


- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from A, Nov 15 2014 8:13AM
I think every Adventist has this problem. It can be kind of tricky, but try to think of Sabbath as a sign between you and God. Just as you would spend time with a relative that you love dearly, Sabbath is a time where you commune with Christ. That could be anything from studying the bible, praying, being in nature or going for nature walks, whatever makes you feel as though you are spending time with God. My family and I sometimes hike on Saturdays, we watch/listen to sermons online, play bible games, or watch spiritual DVD's. My absolute FAVORITE sermon to watch is called "The Pineapple Story," by a pastor Otto Koning. It is ABSOLUTELY HALARIOUS! He tell a very comical story about the time he spent as a missionary in Papa New Guinea, and a very important lesson he learned about surrending rights and conquering anger. I would really encourage you to watch it, I believe it is available to watch online if you google "Otto Koning The pineapple Story.

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from Laura, Jun 22 2010 8:41AM
Well, if you really think about it, there is pleanty to do other than take a nap and watch 3ABN. You can call a friend, take a walk, or sit outside and read a book. Later on, if your church has one, go to vespers. They can be quite interesting. Hope that helps!

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from Jan, Jun 12 2010 10:01AM
Well i do understand your concerns. well my suggestion to you is to find a spiritual activity to do. Do your church have AYS (Adventist Youth Society)? You can engage in Bible games also. There you can have a good time learning more about Jesus and spending time with friends having fun in the Lord. You can visit the sick and witness to others of the Love of Jesus.

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from melany, Jun 9 2010 5:03PM
i understand that every one goes through this in some point in their lives cuz i went through it...but i learned dat in church you may learn things that can benefit your life!!!

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from Shin, Jun 9 2010 9:58AM
Although it seems like an interesting idea, is writing to a prisoner safe? I guess I should pray about it.

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from Dwain, Jun 8 2010 5:23AM
I really like Jesse's post. I think that's the secret. Jesus said, "It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath" (Matt. 12:12). In Scripture, there are two things Jesus did on the Sabbath. 1. He went to the synagogue to worship. Why? He wanted to honor God and He wanted to love and support other believers. We need each other. Going to church is important. 2. Jesus did good on the Sabbath, often healing and helping people in need. This is one of the secrets to loving the Sabbath. Look for ways to serve others, but don't overdo it. You also need time to rest and be rejuvenated. Ask God to give you a love for the Sabbath.

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from Jesse, Jun 7 2010 7:09PM
I have the same problem. I know the Sabbath is a day of rest. I also know that the wicked one tries to get me to want to work on the Sabbath. I pray about whether or not God wants me to do these activities on the Sabbath; volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, volunteer at the Humane Society, visit or write to prisoners, or ask an elderly or infirm neighbor if I can do anything for them. I'm not suggesting that these are in God's plan for you or anyone else to do on the Sabbath. I just know that I am asking Him and trying to hear that still small voice answering me.

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- Re: Make Sabbath Interesting?from Jackson, Jun 7 2010 12:56PM
If you can, find a place that you can volunteer in on the Sabbath.

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