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Questioning our origins

Posted by Nirobi on Jun 11 2010 7:47PM

Okay, I have a big question. Why did God create us ?? The reason I have such a problem with this question is this : When I asked my mom and friend, they said so God could enjoy us. But then, why would we make us suffer ?? If that's why he created us, then why didn't He just create us to be with him in Heaven (same thing as Angels) ?? And then they also said God gave us the choice to chose and He didn't know what we were going to chose. But that doesn't make any sense because God is suppose to know everything right ?!?! I really need some answers please ! I'll still and always believe in God and trust Him, but my faith is damaged becausei can't answer this question so what if a non-believer asks me that question ?? Sorry for making it so long !


- Re: Questioning our originsfrom Allison94, Nov 17 2010 9:44PM
My Awana group just discussed this last weekend! God created us to be made "in His image" (Genesis 1:27). He created us to have a relationship with Him, to worship and praise Him. It is because of the fall of man--when Eve and Adam sinned--that we suffer. It is an issue of sin, not because God puts that suffering on us. There are things that He allows to happen for a reason--whether it's to teach a lesson or to make a person stronger or something else--but that doesn't mean that He takes pleasure in seeing us go through trials. Just trust in God, because He has a perfect plan for your life :)

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom n/a, Aug 13 2010 6:56PM
Go to and click on resources. Then click on the word audio under GYC 2009 - Unashamed. Then listen to all six parts of the Deliver us from evil series. It should answer just about all your questions. It's incredible!

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom Ben, Jun 19 2010 1:23AM
You need to read a book called "For Your Joy." It is a very short read. You can search for it at and even though it says it is $1 they will let you download it for free with no strings attached.

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom Jackson, Jun 17 2010 6:02PM
Well, this is a question only God can answer correctly. But here is an answer. When we were first created we weren't like this. It is said Adam was stronger in mind, body and spirit. Secondly, we are physical, the other world is spiritual, meaning they are spirits. And we were created to enjoy life, but life wasn't as it is now.

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom A new creation, Jun 15 2010 10:20AM
God does know everything and he gives us the freedom of choice,and with that freedom of choice comes great risk and God does know everything,but i dont want to tell you the wrong thing and i know you really want to know about this so i know a perfect video for you to watch that you would love.Go to Youtube and type in The Cosmic Conflict the Origin Of Evil and that should explain it very good please take the time to watch it you wont be disappointed

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom Shin, Jun 12 2010 3:42PM
I gotta say, that is a good question: Why were we created? I wonder that myself, so you aren't alone. I believe that our creation brings glory to God. I mean have you seen the human body? All the details that cannot even be comprehended by men, but out of dust and a single breath we were made! Sin came into the world, because we disobeyed God. Think about it, Eve was tempted by the devil, but being tempted wasn't the problem. When Eve YIELDED to the temptation, then the whole mess of sin came into the world. I personally don't know what God's purpose was to create man. There is so much that I don't think we are meant to understand until we get to heaven and ask. I'm sure He would be happy to explain. But until then, I believe that we are made to serve Him and to bring people in this sin-filled world to Him. I hope that I helped.

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom Nirobi, Jun 12 2010 3:17PM
Thanks, it helps a little. But if we really are a movie to the universe, then wouldn't that be cruel of God to make us suffer just to prove a point ?? I have also had the same problem when I read Hosea. Why would God make a man marry someone just to make an example of Israel ?? All I really need to know is what was God's motive to creating us. And letting sin in the world

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- Re: Questioning our originsfrom n/a, Jun 12 2010 8:14AM
I think that we were made not only to be with God, but to be a lesson to the universe. When Lucifer fell, the whole universe of created beings watched to see what God would do. If God had killed Lucifer instead of banishing him to earth, some beings might have thought that Lucifer was right, and that God was a tyrant, and would only serve Him out of fear. After the human race fell, all those watching began to see what a cruel, twisted being Satan is. We are a movie to the universe, documenting the evils of sin, and the wonders of God's grace. I hope this helps you out!

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