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I need advice.

Posted by Dittledeedoda on Jul 9 2010 8:02PM

hi, i'm a teenager who is having trouble with her parent. my parent used to not go to church many years ago (over a decade ago), and my parent was a really nice loving person. but since my parent started coming to church he (or she) thinks he (or she) is better than everyone and that me and my whole family, besides (his or her self,i don't want to tell you which), are evil sinners. my parent doesn't understand how much i prayed (he or she) would love jesus and learn more about him, and now that (he or she) goes to church (he or she) is very unloving. i find myself hating my parent and wanting to escape, one of my siblings has allready left because of (he or she). i don't want to leave my younger siblings and my other parent but i don't know what to do, god isn't answering my prayers, and i'm scared to ask after he answered the one about my parent the way he did. on top of all this i'm homeschooled and have no friends, and i can't really vent this


- Re: I need advice.from Jackson, Jul 22 2010 6:03PM
You are the answer. Go to your parent and show them they are wrong. Tell them of the parable about the Pharisee and the Tax collector. And remind your parent that one really really big trait of a true Christian and a true follower of Jesus is humility. And what she is doing is the complete opposite of Humility. NB : The teaching is in Luke 18:9-14.

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- Re: I need advice.from teed, Jul 21 2010 6:13AM
i think this is the time you should think that God answers prayer even the more because at that time when you need him to come through for your parents He did so the same God that was that time is the same God at this time. For your parent dont stop loving them as you did that because the bible tells us what we become when we do things without love- pray the more for him or her to get it clear that for once we were sinners but through His grace we have been put right-also that for have sinned and fallen short of the God. His grace is sufficent for everyone of us. Be stroge and dont live home that is the right place to be remember God can never give you more than you can handle His with you all the way till you get to see Him

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