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School's becoming my idol

Posted by A on Sep 14 2010 11:40PM

I feel as if I'm always putting schoolwork above God. I'm only a freshman in highschool, and I'm son concerned about getting all A's to get into a good college. I can't remember the last time I got down on my knees and really talked to God (outside of church, of course). I'm so concerned with the future, please help me realize that God is now. Thanks, and please pray for me.


- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom NICHOLA, May 4 2011 7:32PM
I know exactly what you mean. Like the above responses I am going through the same thing too. I have come to the realization that it is only through God that I can succeed. And yes, successful education is a way of improving my life, but it can also cause me to neglect my spiritual life. I must say God has been very God, and He will supply and will be with you through all this. He will deliver. This shall pass.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom Sakaila Williams of Mt.Alvernia, Jamaica, Apr 2 2011 4:12PM
I'm a sophmore and pressure's all around at school and home but don't worry it gets better....Just put God first! It doesn't mean you should drop all care in school and focus only on religion just take special time for God.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom n/a, Mar 25 2011 8:34PM
I am almost facing the same, because of the demands of society and the excessive emphasis placed on education, it is very easy for us as students to get so absorbed into school life that even unintentionally and without knowing we spend less and less time with God, but i decided this semester, that every morning b4 going off to classes i would spend even a little time with God and pray and it works,even though i am in university now and have lots of work.I advise u to do the same.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom Allison94, Jan 31 2011 7:27PM
Trying coming up with a schedule for each day. Maybe when you come home from school, you can do 15-30 minutes of homework, then take a 15-30 minute break for time with God, and then do more homework, for example. Just try to find time for God every day, and remember that you can talk to Him anytime, anywhere, too :)

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom Amber, 16, Jan 4 2011 9:55PM
Hey Girl, No worries try this: 1. Even though this sounds crazy, put your Bible behind your toliet and everytime you go to the bathroom read it, I mean your not going to be doing anything else anyways lol. 2. Get a silver ring holder and 3 by 5 cards, punch holes at the top and write any verse of the Bible of anything you are stuggling with on it, then you can take it anywhere. 3. If you have a board in your room, or anywhere in your house write a verse on it, an everytime you pass it you will see that verse, this will bring your mind back to God throughout the day. 4. Get some paper and throughout your room or school books and locker, place it anywhere and write on it "(insert your name) you should go pray for yourself and others" or whatever your desire is! And 5. Set your phone on a timer, telling yourself to stop what your doing and go pray or spead time with God! Girl, I hope this was help to you have GREAT DAY! -Love ya sister in Christ Amber :)

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom God's Child, Dec 25 2010 6:04AM
I know this might sound very cynical and overly suspicious but I think that is the idea behind the design of the education system. At the moment I'm in my 2nd year of university and I feel the same way. They are working us so hard and causing us to destroy our bodies, minds and spiritual lives in order to get a certificate. I understand that education in different forms is important for anything you wish to do in life (including service to God, faith comes by hearing) but to destroy the body so it is unfit for service is bad...i'm loving my course but they barely give us lunch and toilet breaks in a 9 to 5 day and then we have assignments, dinner to cook and your left useless and too tired to pray. We need to pray for each other for God to guide is in His purpose for our lives.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom Peter, Nov 19 2010 3:35PM
I'm in the same scenario. Being a Freshman, having lots of schoolwork, trying to prioritize God, and also having a social life is not easy. However, I make time to read the Bible for 10 minutes in the morning and evening. I have learned that no matter how much schoolwork you do or how perfect your report card is, what really counts is having a relationship with God. When you do so, your life feels fulfilling and worthwhile. He will help you through any hardship or trial your facing.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom Ang, Nov 5 2010 6:30PM
Well I, I have not only experienced this, but i am the product of this. I always thought i was the only one to experience this but I guess not. I am a senior in Highschool and i can tell you the best thing to do is to make time as liitle as it is to read a verse or two and just pray. You should get things like a bible on cd or your ipod and just listen to it as you are going to school or doing various activities. I wish I learned these things earlier. I have reached a point in which school has totatly consumed my life. It is probably the hardest struggle. The school work is such a mental drain sometimes that sometimes event a simple prayer is hard. I am tryig my best to restructure my life. Pray for me as I pray for you.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom tired, Oct 22 2010 8:07PM
i can understand how you feel. I always feel too tired after doing my schoolwork that I feel as if I don't want to make a sincere prayer. What I'm doing though is that I'm trying to balance my life. I do a bible study each morning before breakfast and I take some time to reflect on things and how I should plan my day. I make a prayer for God to guide me through my day and to give me the strength to do his will. I usually feel better and more relaxed. I hope this will help.

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- Re: School's becoming my idolfrom AJ, Sep 24 2010 3:34PM
I know exactly how you feel. I'm also a freshman at my college and I really want to keep my relationship with God, but it's really hard. At my Secondary school, we used to have worship everyday and we used to prayer before each class but now at College they don't have that and the majority of days I feel like I'm just watching myself go through the stages of life. I really want God to be there with me but I just don't know how to keep Him there and still have that peace I used to have at my other school. I guess the only thing I can tell you to do is to prayer, I try to prayer every day. Sometimes I don't even finish my prayer until I go to sleep! Whenever I think of something or a class is going not to well, I just tell it to God and I know He hears me 'cause then I don't feel as lost anymore. Maybe you can try it! :)

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