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Wearing Jewerly pt 2

Posted by Ayina on Oct 8 2011 7:38AM

Okay so the day after I made my last post was my younger sister's bday. We went to the mall and i bought her this pretty ring she wanted. We go home and she talks to my dad and shows him the ring all of a sudden he gives her the cold shoulder and she doesn't understand why. Then he says "I have disobedient children." Then my dad ask who bought the ring and I said I did and he's like you broke our bargain. So I respond what bargain? He says you were supposed to just take your sister horseback riding. First of all we never had a bargain and second why would you give your daughter the cold should and not EXPLAIN to her why you are upset. It was stupid and it made me angry and I told him that the ring was just like his ties. He says its not the same. Thoughts? Might just have to find another denomination I guess...


- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Meena Lall, Nov 17 2011 5:59PM
There might be lots of things which seem to be harmless and jewellery is on of them. As christians we are to preach the gospel to the world and in todays time the best way to present Christto the people is ...what soever you do do it for the Glory of God. Many times what we may become a stumblig block to someone. Wish your dad explained it to you rather than getting upset about it. The best way to get people to Christ is Live his life... My dad is a pastor and we went through similar problems. will be praying for you.

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Ashley :)), Oct 22 2011 12:02PM
Ok, Ayina, i see where u r going w/ this,but don't get mad about it. i ah dthe same problem, only it wuz about not wearing modest clothing. it wuznt about revealing my body but about fashion. (i am totally into fashion!) my dad went like oh, u cant wear flashy clothing and i wuz like, i think its modest. we got really mad at each other and obviously, i was the one in the wrong. but when i was younger, and i went to the dentist, i always got bracelets and wore them to my adventist elementary school until my parents told me i couldnt wear them anymore. now, im almost fifteen, and i realize that wearing jewellry is a big issue. im praying for you!!!

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from n/a, Oct 22 2011 10:13AM

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Tom, asst. editor, Insight, Oct 18 2011 6:41AM
It's pretty cool how Paul does call women (and men by extension) to adorn themselves with good deeds (1 Timothy 2:9, 10). Good deeds done in faith and love are a beautiful thing.

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Tom, asst. editor, Insight, Oct 18 2011 6:30AM
Thank you, Frank, for your responses. I'm with you on the idea of dressing modestly, but I think we should clear up the part where you said "literally, showing as little as possible." That could make it sound like a person needs to wear a burka or something to that extreme. :) From my study of 1 Timothy 2:9, where we see the word "modest" in that verse, Paul used the Greek word "kosmios"--which means orderly, proper, respectable, decent, etc. I don't see a call to an extreme manner of dressing such as burkas, but rather a call to present ourselves as followers of Christ, without conceit, vanity, or reliance on outward things to make us beautiful. Again, thanks for responding. Talking openly about these things is important. Blessings!

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Frank, Oct 17 2011 7:38PM
Another reason for avoiding fancy clothes and jewelry (and other unnecessary stuff) is that we should use every means possible to spread the gospel, rather than on selfish desires. Self-denial and sacrifice are a mark of a true Christian's life. (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23.) I hope you and your dad can talk about things so that you can get the deals straight next time! When you talk with your dad, you might find out he has reasons. Or you might find that has has a "no jewelry" rule just because that is what he was taught without ever really being taught why. A lot of people in my generation were told things without a good explanation of why. The explanations are there in the Bible if you and/or he is willing to go digging for them.

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Frank, Oct 17 2011 7:34PM
I'm sorry if you dad did not explain why you should not be buying and wearing jewelry. The last direct instruction to the church on jewelry is in 1 Timothy 2:9-10 and 1 Peter 3:3-4. This instruction says to dress modestly (literally, showing as little as possible) and neatly (not ugly) with simple (not expensive) clothes and no jewelry. Your beauty should be your character, which is worth far more that even the most expensive clothes and jewelry. There are a lot of other verses in the Bible about jewelry. Some seem to encourage it, and some seem to discourage it. The verses I mentioned about are the most direct instructions to the Christian churches. Many Protestant churches used to teach not to wear jewelry. But after they rejected the Advent message and Sabbath message in the 1840s, they gradually became more wordly, including with the way they dress.

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Tom, asst. editor, Insight, Oct 10 2011 7:58AM
You're in my prayers, Ayina. I know this is a tricky issue. It's great to talk about it together as a community. Let's keep the discussion going. Anyone else want to weigh in on this topic?

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- Re: Wearing Jewerly pt 2from Tom, asst. editor, Insight, Oct 10 2011 7:18AM
Bummer. Try to make peace with your dad, even if the bargain wasn't clear. If he's doing the cold shoulder thing, respectfully talk with him about it. And don't argue with him about jewelry; it won't get you anywhere. I know you'll hate to hear this, but if he sets rules about jewelry, please obey him. You may have your own convictions about the issue, but be respectful and mindful of other people's views as well, including at your church. Also, I wouldn't let a small issue like rings or earrings sway a decision as to what denomination to join. What matters is that they teach and LIVE what the Bible says. There will be different applications of Bible principles, especially with jewelry, music styles, etc., and there will be people EVERYWHERE who mess up and act out of Christian character, including me and you, but don't let it deter you from joining Christ's community of believers.

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