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kiss before married

Posted by dne on Nov 25 2011 1:45AM

kiss before married. is that a sin? even kiss on the cheek?


- Re: kiss before marriedfrom lynn, Feb 29 2012 5:45AM
when u kiss somebody isnt it like showing affection? in that case why should kissing seem wrong to some people.

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- Re: kiss before marriedfrom lauren, Jan 2 2012 6:04PM
I think it's an issue a couple in a relationship should discuss. Kissing alone isn't a sin, but what it could lead to is.As a couple in a relationship you should discuss your boundaries. If you feel that you both can kiss, but not too intimately then express that. If kissing will cause things to become more "heated" then you both need to come to an agreement that this is not the best thing for you to do and look for alternatives.

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- Re: kiss before marriedfrom mickey, Jan 1 2012 6:08PM
I think its not that bad. Just yesterday on new years eve a girl had tongue kissed a boy and it was cool. My boy friend was tempting me to do it too. It is a personal but interesting decision.

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- Re: kiss before marriedfrom Lorraine, Dec 13 2011 8:20PM
I would not say that kissing on the lips before marriage is a sin unless God has convicted you that YOU shouldn't do that. However, I do think that if we are honest with ourselves, kissing is an act of intimacy that is really creating a physical desire for deeper intimacy. Kissing stirs up a sexual longing for someone that is not your spouse. The more comfortable we get with kissing, the more likely that we will move onto satisfying those longings. That is not purity by God's standards.

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- Re: kiss before marriedfrom Mary, Dec 13 2011 2:17PM
I dont think kissing is bad. It is bad if you let it go to far. But to each his own.

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- Re: kiss before marriedfrom beautiful, Dec 2 2011 5:50PM
I think that kissing before marriage is a personal decision. But one must realize that when they kiss someone they give part of themselves away that they will never get back. To be able to save that for their future lifemate is pretty cool. And really, who keeps a kiss to just that? So really wiegh the odds beofre you make your decision. God bles syou in your choice!

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- Re: kiss before married part 3from wendy, Dec 1 2011 2:12PM
If we gauge all our activities under Heaven by these two principles, the aswers will always be very clear.

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- Re: kiss before married part 2from wendy, Dec 1 2011 2:12PM
We often think God approves or discounts our actions based on our own feelings of "readiness". Instead we should we should be asking ourselves two simple questions before any acts either physical or emotional. First "Is this something I would feel comfortable letting my mother watch me do? AND If I where standing in God's throne room right now would he approve of this action or conversation at this moment in my life."

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- Re: kiss before married part 1from wendy, Dec 1 2011 2:10PM
Kissing is one of the many acts that can be affectionate or explicit. The line between them often seems fine and faded. God is as excited as we are about our relationships and both emotional and physical discoveries in one another. However he has also assigned a perfect time and season for everything under Heaven. The Bible tells us not to awaken love until it is ready. But what in the world does that mean?

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- Re: kiss before marriedfrom Tom, Dec 1 2011 2:02PM
Boundaries--they're different for different people. Each person needs to prayerfully check themselves and find out what's good and what's not good for them and the other person, and honor God in what they do.

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