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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Posted by sophie on Jul 12 2012 1:05AM

how should we as christians relate to our friends who are not christians?


- Re: n/afrom sophie, Jul 16 2012 1:19AM
the main issue is before we got saved we were like them so after we get saved we don't just stop being their friends because we found Christ.that would b wrong and at the same tym if we keep on hanging around them too much we can get yoked and start doing what they do.its easier for someone to bring u down rather than u bring them up

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- Re: n/afrom jumoke, Jul 14 2012 1:33PM
we should be a good role model to them, keep praying for them and celebrate the positive with them. we should not be judgmental and hypo critic because those are the very people god expect us to go and preach the gospel to so that they may come to repentance before it is too late.

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- Re: n/afrom sophie, Jul 13 2012 1:22AM leading a Bible study discussion today and thts the topic am meant to discuss.i will b sure to share your points

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- non christian friend part 1from wendy, Jul 12 2012 11:20AM
1 Corinthians chapters 5,6,7 have a lot to say about getting along with unbelievers. (I recommend reading this in either the Clear Word or Message translations.) Letís not forget that most of the people Jesus was friends with, where those that our local church members would judge us for keeping company with. That doesn't mean you need to join in the negative habits "for as we behold, so we become", but it does mean we arenít to just live in our own little bubble of Adventist circles.

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- non Christian firend part 2from wendy, Jul 12 2012 11:17AM
The best way to keep up a friendship with someone that doesn't always agree with your views is to show your joy and peace whenever possible, be gracious at all times (this means no force feeding your own convictions or religious views, superior attitudes, or guilt trips) and above all not compromising. It is one thing to allow them to live a different lifestyle than your own but you will get far more respect if you stick to your religious rituals and morals even at the cost of fitting in completely at first. But remember these are your convictions, not theirs yet so again be gracious and let the love and joy of Christ be what they see, he never had trouble drawing a crowd. It's hard annalizing every activity with your friends but in the end I pray it will do you both some good! God Bless and Good Luck!

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