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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Room Cleaning?

Posted by Adina on Jul 13 2012 6:52PM

Is it wrong to clean your room on the Sabbath? Okay so all week God and I havent been on the best terms and it isn't His fault obviously. Anyway, so my room is a MESS, and I mean like really a mess and I feel I can't truely worship there cuz it looks like that. I know you can worship anywhere but I can't stand being in my room and I can't go to the park or something cuz I'm not allowed. So should I clean it even though it's Sabbath or should I just go somewhere else in my house?


- Re: Room Cleaning?from Greg, Jul 21 2012 9:14AM
It is not wrong but avoid it. So you can enjoy the sabbath.

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- Re: Room Cleaning?from Greg, Jul 21 2012 9:12AM
I consider you should organize your room by placing things you use daily in a drawer or a place you can find them easily. Like your uniform or work apparel you may use during the week. So when friday comes you my have fewer things to organize. my I advice to you. I usually put in order my room stuff during the night and I set my clothes in an easy access when I am running to work.

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- Re: Room Cleaning?from wendy, Jul 19 2012 6:25AM
Often I come up to Sabbath and still have a million things to do because things out of my control have hindered my efforts but I find that if I subject myself to daily time management the effects of procrastination are not nearly severe and though my house is not always what I want it to be, it is almost always in a state I can at least tolerate to relax with God for 24hours because it has been a daily habit to clean or organize at least one thing per day. 10-15 minutes a day will not hurt your sleep schedule and allow you more maintenance freedom when you really want it. Remember the Sabbath day, not the to-do list; it is what will carry you through.

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