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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Posted by Dne on Aug 17 2012 9:55PM

hey,im 16 and im an adventist. actually i almost have sex with my it a sin?


- Re: sexfrom sophie, Aug 30 2012 4:29AM
in the begining people had sex in order to get babies mstly so if you are ready to have babies go ryt ahead.God is the one who created sex and He made it sacred only to be between a man and his wife.just cause these days the sanctity of sex is out of the picture and now everybody is doing it doesn't make it less of a sin.if that guy loves you then he will respect you and wait for you.if he doesn't then he jst wants to sleep with you and that is just a principled lady and wait for the man who God intended for you and if you do,you will never regret that decision as compared to doing it now and having regrets later on there is nothing as bad as looking back at your life and wishing you had done something differently but its too late to turn back,some people think its overrated but i tell you am 17 and am keeping myself till marriage.join my club.we may not be many but in hear multitudes of angels and God Himself cheering us on:))))))

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- Re: sexfrom Jason, Aug 24 2012 5:05PM
This is between you and God. Yes it is a sin, but God will forgive you. There is no sin that God cannot help you overcome. It happened so simply pray, ask for forgiveness, and try to prevent it from happening again. The best thing to remember is that God saved sex for after marriage as a gift for married couples. My best advice is to wait until after marriage to engage in sexual intercourse. Remember don't feel guilty as if you will be shunned because of your mistake. You are human and are expected to make mistakes. If people judge because of this simply ask them to judge you only if they aren't guilty of sin themselves. Don't worry let God help you through this situation. If you do then the results are sure to be fantastic. :)

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- Re: sexfrom Romario Hastings, Aug 22 2012 12:36PM
Well it depends on how far u actually went...but i tink the actual activity is a sin. but just to help you prevent such encounters again, i say that u need not to find yourself in positions that can lead to that, cuz wen the process is started it is not easy to stop.

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- Re: sexfrom Zzana, Aug 18 2012 10:58AM
Yeah it kind of is... Cuz thats fornication whitch paul speaks against in his letters

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