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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Asperger's syndrome.....

Posted by n/a on Aug 27 2012 4:40PM

Does anybody here on insight have asperger's syndrome?? I have asperger's syndrome and I'm really suffering with it. It's making my life really difficult right now. I wanted to meet some people like me. Thanks!


- Re: Asperger's syndrome.....from Sym, Apr 8 2014 6:13PM
Oh my gosh! I have it too! I seriously began to think that I was the only one. Mine come with traits of ADD though. I would constantly research things about autism and Asperger's Syndrome and etc., and I've always been fighting to stay away from the mindset that this thing defines me. God bless you!

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- Re: Asperger's syndrome.....from Amanda, Sep 29 2012 12:40PM
Thanks Conor that really did help, and its good to know that I'm not the only one out there struggling with this :-)

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- Re: Asperger's syndrome.....from Conor, Sep 16 2012 7:58PM
I actually have asperger's syndrome and I'm a SDA. I know from experience that it can cause many problems, but I got help from a psychiatrist and take a little medicine for it. Now that I have it under control, it's much more of a blessing than a curse, believe me! People like us are incredibly creative and imaginative, and the world needs that! Did you know that people like Einstein and Mozart may have had asperger's too? We can't choose the way God makes us but we can choose to make the most of what we're given. Right now I'm more than halfway done writing my first novel. Writing's my passion. Don't be afraid to get help with some of the negative aspects of asperger's, but know that there are many good ones too. In a way, it makes you unique, and that's a good thing. Find your passion, and max it out. Living with asperger's won't always be easy, but trust me, it can be awesome :)

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- Re: Asperger's syndrome.....from sophie, Aug 30 2012 4:19AM
hi.i dont have asperger's syndrome and i sure dont know what u may b going through but i do know that God knows just what your going through and what u feel and He says that He is with you an these times every step of the way holding you in His arms and whispering in your ear 'HOLD ON MY CHILD I AM WITH YOU EVEN NOW DON'T LOOSE YOUR FAITH.TRUST IN ME AND ALL WILL BE WELL' God can't take you to a place where His grace can't reach you for His grace is strongest when we are weak.if you can,listen to the song 'MY HOPE IS IN YOU'by Aaron schults,Mike schair's 'let the waters rise' and tenth avenue norths 'TIMES'b blessed my dear and know you are highly favourd of the Lord:)))))))

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