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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Distraction Dilemma

Posted by Heather M on Sep 7 2012 1:25PM

Has anyone here ever seen The Distraction Dilemma by Christian Berdahl? If not, you guys really should because I am a big music person and love almost any kind of music and this guy really changed my perspective and he doesn't like say things like drums are bad they are evil, no he doesn't do that he really takes a good approach to music and its so interesting you will be amazed. If you want another one to watch besides that there is also John Lomacang's series about Music and media in the world with the Anchor's of Truth which is also very well presented. :)


- Re: Distraction Dilemmafrom Heather M, Oct 21 2012 6:18PM
I am so glad to hear that because sometimes I just feel so alone with all this music stuff but honestly Christian Berdahl did a fantastic way with it! And I praise God for him and John Lomacang

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- Re: Distraction Dilemmafrom Amanda clay, Sep 15 2012 4:02PM
I watched it a while ago too, and I thought it was great! I also watched the one by John Lomacang. And I agree with you when you said that Christian Berdahl doesn't said things like "drums are bad." He has a way of saying it without making it seem as though he's condemning people. And he's funny too! :-)

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- Re: Distraction Dilemmafrom Amalia, Sep 14 2012 8:49PM
I also just watched it. it's great youre reccomending things to help all of your bros and siss to become better in tuned with Christ. Way to Go! (I really appreciated the youtube vid, even though it was shorter)

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- Re: Distraction Dilemmafrom Angie, Sep 14 2012 5:44PM
I just watched the shorter version of "Distraction Dilemma". It was very informative and eye-opening. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to know the truth about music and how it affects the listener. Very good presentation and I love his splash of humor.

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