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My Friends...

Posted by Rianna on Dec 14 2012 10:41AM

I really want my friends to come to church. I invite them a lot and sometimes they come but mostly they stand me up. I am 13 and I want to witness to them in a way that doesn't come across as fanatical or scary. I also want them to have a chnace in the Kingdom of heaven because I want to know that I have not just done nothing, but also saved souls on earth. How can I get them to come? And how can I witness? Please help.


- Re: My Friends...from A, Nov 15 2014 8:00AM
Your actions are the biggest witness that you can give to others. Going to church is a wonderful thing, but that does not make you a Christian. If you allow Christ to dwell inside of you, if you push aside all of your wants, thoughts, and desires aside and ask him what HIS plan is for you life, you will not have to worry about how you are going to witness to people. It will come naturally to you because he is dwelling inside of you. It's all about surrendering to Christ. Although it may seems complicated, its not it is just very difficult. It takes a lot to die to self, because our human desires are very powerful. But God is stronger. I think as Christians we can sometimes get to caught up in the ACTIONS more than our relationship with God. When you have a relationship with Christ, there is no more worrying or trying to figure out how you will witness, or how others will become Christians through you. If the time is right and if God is speaking through you, then you will know what to say, and the right thing to do in regards to witnessing.

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- Re: My Friends...from T & R/Teyah and Ralph, Dec 28 2012 9:36AM
BTW, you need to read our responces from bottom to top because it wouldn't all fit. :-) Sorry!

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- Re: My Friends...from R & T, Dec 28 2012 9:34AM
We really had enough so one day during and R.E lesson, Ralph and i were put in the same groups to ask and answer questions about our beliefs and for some reason (probably the Holy Spirit) me being an SDA just made so much sense to him and i don't know why, but I invited him to our church one week, and before we knew it, it was a full-time thing and our church was one in the same. Ralph and I are just a testimony that the Holy Spirit is real and working, because he worked in our lives, so Rianna, he can work in yours too. We are your testimony, and we are praying that you will becoe one too. Your friends will eventually see the truth and it is up to them whether or not they choose to follow it.

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- Re: My Friends...from T & R, Dec 28 2012 9:32AM
This is just for some more detail on our situation. When i was in High school, I met Ralph and we became really, really close friends, so close that we would tell each other everything. But whenever we had birthdays, we'd always have to change it to suit the others religion and it just became so inconvinient that we literally stopped haveing parties from years 9 to 6th form.

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- Re: My Friends...from Teyah and Ralph, Dec 28 2012 9:15AM
We read through your sitation and we just want you to know that we are praying for you. We know what you are going through, well I (Teyah) does because my friend Ralph used to be a Muslim but i guess the Holy Spirit really got through to him. We are both happily married with 2 kids that are learning to love the Lord. Thank you Rianna for your prayer. Keep trying, because Ralph is proof prayer happens and is answered.

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- Re: My Friends...from Rano, Dec 26 2012 3:49AM
Read my response from bottom up. you'll find why when you read this but DONT Rianna you really oughta thank God for this reasponse coz i was planning to play my xbox after weeks of not reading my bible before i said no mentally of couse i didn't scream it or shout it at the top of my voice and then decide to go crazy and smash my xbox and than burn all my games and than afterwards realize what i did and then enter into a mode of depresssion... i really need your prayers coz this road ain't easy. God never said it was. Also i wrote this response 2 times before and each time got deleted on the web i was gonna leave the web site and then decided to give it another go this time i copied and pasted my response in word and sent it in stages which is why its all over tha place sorry. Developers you need to sort this out i literally speant an hour on this and i hate English iím a math guy!

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- Re: My Friends...from Rano, Dec 26 2012 3:43AM
Sorry about tha waffle but it just had to be said although they do taste great at breakfast time not that i have them much as i live in london Hence why i'm up a 3 AM! Like that'll happen. In essence what i'm saying Rianna (btw nice name) is that you've already sowed the seed in your friends heart now its the holy spirits turn to do his thing. some times it takes years for you to see the fruits of your labour. it ain't no quick fix some people have some problems and attitudes that need some holy ghost power to get rid of. yet again sorry for the waffle (mmmm... waffle...) and remember pray. I hope this helps.

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- Re: My Friends...from Rano, Dec 26 2012 3:42AM
Not even pastors go about converting people they just sow the seed to whomever is availible. Hence why pastors never seem to do anything, longterm wise. Its all the holy spirit sorry i have no text ask you pastor he should be able to give you one. Which is why i stress PRAY its God we're dealing with the GODMAN. no superhero can even compare with him. seriously how can 'spider'man 'bat'man or even 'super'man compare with GODMAN the seem powerless now. And ya know the best part of it you can call on him any day of any hour and he'll listen and asnwer your prayer instead of nodding their heads like a parrot.

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- Re: My Friends...from Rano, Dec 26 2012 3:40AM
Remember also our aim when witnessing shouldn't be to convert our target thats the holy spirit's job. remember the parable of the sower. He sowed the seed everywhere even places where it could not grow. why? because evrybody deserves to hear gods word wheather or not their condition is ready to hear it or not or simply they want to hear it or not. hence the different types of soil yes even the gravel which people often leave out.

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- Re: My Friends...from Rano, Dec 26 2012 3:04AM
In terms of witnessing all i say is to try your own style, you can't be someone your not. witnessing takes alot of preparation and prayer; remember its GOD the GOD your praying to. what a privelidge, espeacially to know that he can answer anything. Sometimes people try to sprint before they can crawl. if there are any witnessing oppertunities about like street witness go and take part and try to improve your skills. you cn can even ask the adults for dos and donts for witnessing and get some tips and pointers of how to do it. witnessing is a gift from God all you hafta do is ask for it just like solomon did for wisdom and look what happened when he did.

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