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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Old vs. New

Posted by Bella on Apr 27 2013 9:50AM

Why does God seem different in the Old Testament?


- Re: Old vs. Newfrom Jason James, Oct 27 2013 1:04PM
In my opinion god has never changed we have Changed god to fit Our moral Reasoning as to Who God Should Be . thats why we Would accept a more loving god over a more Wrathful God more seen in the Old testament But In Order to truly follow God you must accept . God in his entirty .

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- Re: Old vs. Newfrom RebaPrecious, Jun 22 2013 7:06AM
God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He just manifests differently in the New Testament.

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- Re: Old vs. Newfrom staff, Apr 30 2013 6:28AM
Remember that while there were extreme happenings in the Old T., the New T. also experienced the crucifixion of Christ, slaughtering of early Christians and Revelations description of intense suffering and punishment to come. I encourage you to not study that Bible as a contradiction but look for the old and new to reconcile. A good reference to start with is Steve Caseís subjects of study (advice/viewquestions)column. You may want to specifically check out his articles on Is God involved? And Law or Grace?

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- Old vs. New part 1from wendy, Apr 30 2013 6:20AM
Many believe the Old Testament is all about law and the New Testament focuses on love. From my personal view I believe that while God doesn't change he does have to deal with us where we are. (You can't let a baby touch a hot stove while you teach him about mercy, we all require training first.) I used to question why (in the Old Testament) God instructed wars, harsh punishments, and allowed women to be treated like dirt. The New Testament seems to be all about grace and the record less extreme. The same is true of Ellen Whiteís writings, some paint a picture of a beautiful savior while others paint Godís expectations as well, impossible and a real downer.

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- Re: Old vs. Newfrom part 2, Apr 30 2013 6:19AM
When studying this subject for yourself please consider time frame, writing style, and "Quiet down before God, be prayerful before Him. (Psalms 37:7) I have to be careful to not submit God to my personal reaction and judgment just as a baby canít lecture their parent on why itís a great idea to play on top of the stove. Also keep in mind, with this same illustration, a parentís love for their child is typically far more comprehensive than the child for their parent. Sometimes they have to yell to quickly get the attention from the stove and other times they lovingly explain. They know things the baby canít see in the bigger picture.

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- Old vs. New part 3from n/a, Apr 30 2013 6:19AM
Babies grow into children, then teenagers, and so on and so forth, they admire, respect, fight and at times donít understand their parents, yet their parents still love them, they just have to relate to them different ways at different times in life. Itís the same with God. He hasnít changed, we just see Him differently, we understand them more/less where we are in growth an enviroment. But just as a parent anticipates our concept of love, grace, and law far better than an infant, in the same way Godís reasoning is above ours. But He will reveal himself to us as we ask. ďWho will learn from the Lord? Those who follow the path He has chosen for themÖ.The Lord confides in those who respect Him and shares His covenant with them.Ē Psalms 25:12-14.

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