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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Posted by vernil on May 1 2013 4:36PM

i feel like girls bash males too much and most times after their experience with other guys they tend to think that all are the same. what you think is lacking there?


- mqjunSdooyEBYfrom John, Aug 21 2013 10:23PM
Much to our regret we heard from a fernid who works at Bruce Power during a recent social meeting that the deal is done, dump will be build here and there is nothing we can do about it. The opinion amongst Bruce people is that there will be no harmful effects of the dump to our community, no stigma, no property value drop.That is the feeling of the younger money making generation. No wonder only the older generation show up at concerned citizen meetings.

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- Re: n/afrom Kitty, May 18 2013 3:49PM
Perhaps the girls doing the bashing have been hurt from past relationships with guys and the problem is they have not turned those hurts over to the Lord and asked him to heal them, God is close to the broken hearted and I believe girls tend to forget this and therefore the anger is carried from one relationship to the next.

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- Re: n/afrom tweetsy, May 18 2013 6:11AM
I think most girls should wait on God to choose their bf that way they wouldn't feel hurt coming out of a relationship and think of the other guy as being cruel

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- Re: n/afrom Coco, May 17 2013 3:25PM
some girls just dont know what it is to be loved

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- Re: n/afrom Anonymous, May 14 2013 7:28PM
Thanks for the article. I am male, a very strong christian and bisexual. Although I havent done it yet with another man I still am finding it difficult to stop this same sex attraction and I really do want to honour God with a healthy relationship with a girl. Help and prayers please.

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- Re: n/afrom Seamus Stephaun Skeet, May 8 2013 11:01AM
i think because we male have really hurt the female's love feelings. Especially when they go all-out for us.Here in Belize were our population is small about 500,000 countrywide, most girls have several boyfriends especially in this small but fast city. pls. write back.

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- Re: n/afrom wendy, May 7 2013 5:28AM
I think we all know someone that is guilty of this,maybe even groups of females that fit this description. Guys are guilty too, they just have a different way of conducting their bashing sessions. The real problem when we find ourselves disapointed in the opposite sex or hurt is in witholding our forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't mean what happened was right, just that you choose to live your life with joy and grace. Try to avoid people who hold bitterness (girls or guys), it says a lot about their spiritual lives and will only drag you down. Don't join the war of the sexes, there's too much fraternizing across enemy lines anyway. Instead remember that God is still working on all of us, that sometimes we express our concerns and puzzlements in inappropriate ways, and there should be forgiveness and grace directing our paths to God's greater calling in the end.

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