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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Posted by miss D on Aug 3 2013 5:36AM

hi.well i just broke up with my bf. it's not really my fault actually and i really don't wanna let him go.the day we broke up,i begged him not to go.i cried like a baby. and now i'm afraid he don't feel attracted to me anymore.what should i do? I must get him back.:'(


- prayerfrom mim, Aug 9 2014 6:56PM
Pray. You have not even an idea of how God has helped me after i prayed. There was this guy i liked soooooooo much i always thought of him and i mainly went to church just to see him. I prayed hard and asked god to help me get over him and i found out that this guy had a gf. This made my feelings for him gradually fade. I still see him evry Sabbath and have not even a single feelin for him. I have realized that satan uses this satan uses this bf and gf thing in teens today to distract them from God.he did the same with samason when he tempted him with delilah.(judges 16) im only 15 yrs and God has started changing me through prayer.

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- Re: n/afrom dne, Dec 25 2013 7:51AM
if u love him..just let him go. i suggest u. don't contact him for 30 days. please stop begging..u look needy. if he loves u he'll come back. but for not contact him as it will make his ego boost. let him miss you. all the best.:)

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