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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Bad pictures

Posted by n/a on Aug 3 2013 2:00PM

I've noticed lately that in my school people are wanting to do almost anything to get a guy or girl to like them. Some want "love" so badly that they will send not appropriate pictures. The guys will either ask the girl for it or the girl will give it to a guy to get attention. I'm nervous that one of my new friends is doing this. She wants a guy to like her sooooo badly, I'm afraid she may try anything. I don't like hanging around because of this, but at the same time I know she needs help. Any advice would be helpful please.


- yxGHncRqijlUVWtBUHfrom Nuit, Jan 15 2014 1:07AM
...Bang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me down.I know this is not the place for kaaroke, but when I saw those shoes and someone here mentioned Cher, I just couldn't resist..

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- Re: Bad picturesfrom Adriana, Oct 14 2013 7:48PM
Just pray for her and God will help her.God blesss u.

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- Re: Bad picturesfrom Robert, Sep 27 2013 11:27PM
My advice is to pray for her. Just because its her decision doesn't mean that we can't ask God. Remember that Christ is the Greater light and we are the lesser that reflect Jesus. Ask him to also guide you in what to do because if we don't advice/help others God will hold us accountable too. So it makes it our problem. Don't bombard her just advice her by using God's word but before you do anything ask God to guide you and give you the right moment, and the right words, that she would just hear you out, then you can leave it to her to make her decision and in God's hands. God Bless

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- Re: Bad picturesfrom Will, Sep 13 2013 10:24PM
Don't leave her. Tell her that it's worth waiting on God to bring the right person in her life. Encourage her to not be tempted to do inappropriate things, such as take bad pictures. Be a good friend and set an example of how she should act.

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- Re: Bad picturesfrom Roosie, Aug 3 2013 3:13PM
just leave her its her life not yours remember that its her problem if it doesnt affect you allot den dnt mess up with her life boo plz

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