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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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video games

Posted by Jason James on Aug 24 2013 9:02PM

I have a question. If god created everything, does that mean god created video games as well?


- Re: video gamesfrom Robert, Sep 27 2013 11:06PM
No, God Created the heavens, earth and sea and everything in it. We must not forget That God Created man in his image. According to God's word we are the only beings that are able to procreate another human image. God gave each us a distinct gift to also create things for example cars, trains airplanes, houses, computers, video games, etc. We are a very intelligent race because we were made in God's image. Hope it helps. God Bless

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- Re: video gamesfrom Asa, Sep 13 2013 5:49PM
Jason, God made everything perfect in this world. Along with what he made, God gave man the gift of intelligence and choice. Because of sin, the devil "inspired" man to find ways to entertain themselves during "boredom". Man in the pursuit of creating entertainment, along with the advancement of technology, created video games. Not saying that video games are bad,(even though most are inappropriate). But to answer your question, No God did not make video games. And if you are planning to use that as an excuse to play video games forever, well i want you to thing about something: How will video games improve your relationship with God, and do they assist you to focus on God?

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