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Being an Example

Posted by Mika on Sep 7 2013 8:18PM

So, this year is my Senior year in high school. And I was wondering if anyone had any ways or ideas for me to be an example or a leader.. for Christ. I do go to Adventist Academy but that doesn't stop me from wanting to show Christ still. So, any suggestions?


- Re: Being an Examplefrom Lance, Oct 11 2013 6:02PM
I kinda wonder the same thing. I'm an adventist academy too and a leader so I really understand how you feel. One thing I know you can do is to be willing to help with anything. When the staff ask for something to be done, be one of the first people to step up. Help other kids with their homework, holding doors open for everyone, be geninuely nice, and other things can really show. One last thing I noticed though and I still struggle with is doing what is right behind close doors as well. All of this really helps you show Jesus.

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- Re: Being an Examplefrom Maura Robinson, Sep 29 2013 2:28PM
Have you thought of starting a prayer ministry. I work in an ER and what I see of the many patients that come to see us is they all need to be heard and to know that someone cares. It is the same in any school people need to know that God, not only loves them but cares about thier concerns and the best tangible way for them to understand that is to have someone sit down and pray for them to our compassionate and loving Lord with the faith that He is the Creator and the Savior of the world. There is so much that can be done through prayer, the comfort that someone feels when their worries or hurts are spoken to Jesus is incredible. How awesome that you are looking to follow Christ in a tangible way! I know He will bless your efforts tenfold!

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- Re: Being an Examplefrom Robert, Sep 27 2013 10:53PM
Also read Psalm 119:9-16. You should read the whole chapter too and read all of Proverbs this will surely teach you on how to be a good example and also give you the answers to questions that a lot of the youth ask a lot, read little by little. Really good stuff. I would like to also recommend The amazing facts web site. There you will find 27 "Illustrated" bible studies. Enjoy hope this helps you in being an example/leader. And never ever forget to always pray before reading and or studying God's Word, asking the holy spirit to guide and teach you in all truth. God Bless.

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- Re: Being an Examplefrom Robert, Sep 27 2013 10:52PM
Ask a friend to come with you and go door to door. Something you could do is if you go door to door, ask if they are in need of prayer or a miracle. This is a good way to start a relationship with them for bible studying later. God will answer that prayer and give them a miracle(s). You can ask the SDA church you attend at if anyone has asked for bible studies. You could just ask your fellow SDA friends to have bible studies with you. You could also have prayers for your community, by going to the fire departments, police departments and or hospitals near you.

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