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Daughter 12 pierced ears

Posted by Joy on Oct 6 2013 6:17PM

I am an Adventist mom. My 12 year old daughter wants to wear earrings. He 22 year old sister just got her ears pierced. It seems almost a non-issue in my Adventist church, 1/2 of the women wear earrings. For you older teen girls, do you wear earrings? Did you parents agree when you first asked? Did they place restrictions about not wearing them in Adventist settings?


- Re: Daughter 12 pierced earsfrom Nicky, May 27 2014 5:50AM
Hi Joy, I am 16 and an academy student. When I got my ears pierced the agreement I made with my parents was not to wear earrings to school. I have honored that, once in a while I have forgot and left them in - the teachers just ask me to remove them.

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- Re: Daughter 12 pierced earsfrom n/a, Dec 1 2013 7:01PM
Joy, I am an Adventist mom too. My daughter wanted to wear earrings at 14. I told her she could get her ears pierced at 16 if she could prepare a Bible study on the issue - wishing she would forgot. But at 16 she did so and I had to let her. She is being responsible and does not wear jewelry to academy function. She looks cute wearing them too. If your daughter pierces her ears make sure she does it in June, you have to wear the starter studs for 2 months and most academies don't allow them.

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- Re: Daughter 12 pierced earsfrom Alison, Oct 29 2013 4:32PM
Hi, I'm 16 and I don't wear earrings. Many of my friends don't wear earrings, but some of my friends wear a necklace at school. I think that is kinda awkward because if I invite friends that are not Adventists to our church, they see women wearing earrings and I have told them that the Bible says that we should be modest in our apparel and that is doesn't matter about what we look like on the's what's on the inside that counts.( 1Peter 3:2-4 and 1 Sam16:7) However, I do not believe that we should take the "God knows what's in my heart" excuse for piercing our ears, especially when we believe in not piercing our ears. If we know what is right, we should do right, but it is up to you to decide whether you want your daughter's ears pierced or not. Hope this helps!

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- Re: Daughter 12 pierced earsfrom Maya, Oct 25 2013 6:35PM
It honestly is your opinion. I am 17 my ears were pierced when I was a baby and I didn't particularly have a choice. My dad wasn't Adventist. But, I don't wear earrings as of now. But is it a sin or is it wrong? No. Do people at my church wear them? No. But God has called us to be different. And I am not condemning anyone or anything but like I said we as Adventists are called to be different from the world. So why try to be like them and fit in? Just saying.

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- Re: Daughter 12 pierced earsfrom Ashley, Oct 6 2013 6:23PM
Joy, I am 17 and my parents let me get my ears pierced when I was 14. Its a non-issue in our Adventist church too. My parents didn't put restrictions on wearing jewelry, but I am thinking of going to Southern Adventist Univ. and I know I can't wear it there. My mom actually started wearing earrings herself last year.

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