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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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'Gnostic' Hollywood

Posted by Thomas on Nov 14 2013 5:11AM

I was looking something up on the internet and came across this site's article entitled 'The "Gospel" According to Hollywood'. I would just like to inform the readers of this site that the articles VERY brief paraphrasing of the Gnostic belief system is completely distorted and inaccurate. The article's description essentially reduces it to Satanism and its end goal as freeing one's self by "leaving the Creator's control." Gnosticism is a very complex COLLECTION of beliefs that have many parallel and overlapping characteristics with Christianity. Very basically, it's main divergence with Christianity is its division of the Christian concept of God into two separate concepts: the "godhead" and the creator god. The godhead is the divine source of all life, while the creator god, who made the earth and all creation, essentially fulfills the role of the devil. He is a deceiver who created matter, which Gnostics view as evil.


- Re: 'Gnostic' Hollywoodfrom Thomas, Nov 23 2013 8:30PM
Also, just to briefly address your invoking of Paul's writing, I want to just point out that "gnosis" is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word for "knowledge". I believe that a particular passage involves Paul differentiating "knowledge/gnosis" from "false-knowledge". My point, once again, is that this is not some simple, cut and dry, Satan vs. God situation of Gnosticism against Christianity. There are in fact many overlaps between these varied belief systems, just as there are and always have been underneath the umbrella of Judaism-Christianity. I'd encourage anyone who reads this to look beyond simply Biblical texts, which are aimed solely on offering theological interpretations, and find objective research on the ins and outs of these belief systems.

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- Re: 'Gnostic' Hollywoodfrom Thomas, Nov 15 2013 1:37AM
The article you're referring to, while more informative, is still giving a subjective, biased view on the belief system. What I am trying to initiate is a better, objective understanding of the value system; just the nuts and bolts of what it is. Agree or disagree with any of its tenants, it is not simply some devil worshiping cult as this site would lead one to believe.

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- Re: 'Gnostic' Hollywoodfrom Omar, Nov 14 2013 4:15PM
I'd also challenge you to read this short, but informative article about Gnosticism? Check it out at the Colson Center for Worldviews. Also, you can read the Apostle Paulís response to this same issue of Gnosticism in the New Testament book of Colossians. Check it out.

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- Re: 'Gnostic' Hollywoodfrom Thomas, Nov 14 2013 5:14AM
Continued: Gnosis, then, is the shunning of matter in favor of the spirit (the piece of the divine in all life) and rejoining the godhead. It is very similar to the Catholic concept of communion in this respect. It is not an act of self-deification as the article would have you believe. You don't have to agree with this worldview, but I feel that you ought to at least gain a better understanding of what is being discussed; rather than blindly accepting a distorted view of another religion.

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