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Parental approval

Posted by Sadia on Jan 26 2014 8:09AM

Hi, I'm 17 years of age and I've been dating my 22 year old boyfriend for a few months but have only just told my mum. My mum is very disapproving of the age gap between us. I understand why she may be worried about this age gap, however girls and guys mature at different stages in life and I feel like we're at the same, or a similar level of maturity right now. How do we gain the approval of my mum?


- Re: Parental approval from Songbird, Feb 1 2014 2:17PM
Hi! Good question!! I think I might know what your mum maybe feeling. She might be wondering if he has the right intentions. Remember parents are very protective of their children it is one of the ways the show their love ! She just wants what is best for you!! I feel like the best way for your boyfriend to have your mum's approval is to PROVE himself to her!! I am sure you know that he cares for you, but does your Mum know that herself? How does she know? Or does she only have a little knowledge of him from what you have told her? Remember, your Mum only wants the best for you! You should pray about this too before you go any further. Maybe God might be trying to tell you something, and He is using this experience for you to come to Him!! Who knows God may have something completely wonderful right around the corner for you!! But you will never know if you do not let Him lead you to it!! I hope everything works out for you!!

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- Re: Parental approval from taganrog07, Jan 29 2014 11:06AM
Hi! My Father was older than my Mother. They were very happily married to each other for all of their lives! I learned from them that love and understanding each other was the key factor in their very happy marriage. I think many, many couples would agree with my parents devotion to each other and to their Family!

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