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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Posted by Columbanons on Mar 9 2015 1:50AM

Carl Kishbaugh2012/10/15I serve as the Global Pastoral Care Coordinator for a missionary ozginirataon. Concerning social media, I am assuming you are thinking about FaceBook, Twitter and others. About the only application I would think of might be to post resources or to alert our folks to links/videos. We do not use social media platforms for any personal work with our staff, because of the nature of those conversations and confidentiality.Carl


- Re: ddjBksCIafegCrVxfrom n, Aug 17 2015 12:33PM
REVIEW FORGET BEING 501C3 COMPLIANT THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN A TOP COMMENT ON LINE FOR 11 MONTHS IN RESPONSE TO AN ADVENTIST PREACHER SLAMMING DR CARSON WE USE EG TO FIT OUR NEEDS SHE ALSO SAID ELDERS ARE TO BE SUITABLE MEN WE WALK ALL OVER THAT ONE. I have been an Adventist for 40 years ,as i think about it Joseph and Daniel both ran very large governments.I will take a Republican any day over a baby killing same sex marrying Democrat we need someone with Dr Carsons common sense Obama was the only sitting president to ever address planned parent hood thanking them for the grate work they have done founder Margret Sanger a eugenicist who spoke at Klan rallies and wanted to eliminate the black race Iam glad to here black Sunday preachers speaking out about her there are more Black Babbie's being murdered than born sad to say also our Adventist hospitals have been performing abortions of convenience since 1970.How any one can claim to be a born again christian and support the murdering of what is now 57 million unborn is beyond me I guess we are not cut from the same cloth thank you for your time Show less

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