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The Church's Messages

Posted by Denton in Texas on 8/12/2004 9:10:12 PM

Recently a hot topic has come up in our church, whether or not a person has to believe ALL of the church doctrines IN THE SAME WAY. Personally I feel , after praying about it, that the doctrines are merely a guideline to help keep the church on course! However the Pharisee's within the church are always telling us that there is only one TRUE meaning /interpretation of the Bible or the church doctrines. The pastor is helping me to study the Bible and I am praying for a better understanding. The truth is not hard to decipher, but the propaganda, and manmade or man interpreted truth does not always agree with the understanding that my Bible teaches. God often speaks to me through the Holy Spirit, and gives me a better understanding. The problem seems to be the Pharisee's that sit in judgment of others and drive people away because they are not in agreement.


- Re: The Church's Messagesfrom n/a, 4/22/2006
Pray!Read God's Word! ^WE can put our trust in the Bible!

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- Re: The Church's Messagesfrom James, 7/1/2005
There's a reason God gave us four different gospels--because He made us all different, seeing things in different ways. We all have a lot to learn from each other! Nobody's got it all worked out; each of us reflects a different side of God.

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- Re: The Church's Messagesfrom Tim, 1/24/2005
I agree with you friend. When our life in Christ is focused too much on the black and white, the legalities and specifics, we lose sight of the larger picture. I too believe that the scriptures are a guideline, and that they shouldn't replace God Himself and the way He works in our lives every day. He is limitless and boundless, and to say otherwise seems so human to me.

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- Re: The Church's Messagesfrom Your Friend Will, 10/8/2004
let your focus ever be on Christ, the word your guide, the Holy Spirit your light. I pray that you will be willing to let your life be such a reflection of Jesus that all those around you will be drawn to Him through your influence. Remember that Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost and that satan is the accuser of the brethren. Have a care that you are seeking the lost and not accusing brethren. Pray for divine appointments to share the Gospel with these individuals. Pharisee's only need the Gospel to balance their lives and refocus them on Christ the true foundation and author of all doctrine.

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- Re: The Church's Messagesfrom Darlene, 9/21/2004
Dear Denton,The most important thing is this,Do you know Jesus? Did you spend time with Jesus this morning and everymorning through reading the Bible and asking the Holy Spirit into your heart and praying.

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