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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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What is race? & 'racial' Anonymous in Michigan 5/19/2014
The actual topic is: What is race? - and 'racial' segregation in Seventh-day Adventism. Question: Why is it that, general speaking, SDAs in North America seem to be comfortable with a divided church? But here's a topic which no one is actually talking about: What is the meaning of race? Just a brief insight - race is not biological as most like to think (but rather a social construct). But why is it that people treat it as real in and outside of the SDA organization? In that way the church is run more like a secular business, and furthermore should it be called a church if it's actually patterning the social environment? In other words, when there are no watchmen/women in the church, then is the church still a church?
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Let me clarify some of the earlier statements that were made by anonymous from Alabama. It is clear from Scripture that we are all from one race, and it is true too that the ideas of race are really a human construct. I believe that it is clear that we all came from Adam, and therefore we are all related. However, it can also be concluded from Scripture (i.
-- By: n/a

Your own strength (Jan11) staff 1/9/2014
What have you been trying to do in your own strength? What steps do you need to take to let God do it?
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A minute or so, if that. The only extra step is lehtaring up the soap, which takes about 15 seconds. Since you use the brush to apply the soap lather to your face, you don't get shave cream or gel all over your hands. So maybe there is no difference in time.
-- By: Eugenia

Traditions (Nov 23) staff 11/21/2013
What are some Thanksgiving traditions that you and your family have every year? Are all of them OK? Do you need to change some of them?
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It's wouferdnl to have you on our side, haha!
-- By: Avari

Dearly Miss (Nov 16) staff 11/14/2013
Is there anybody in your life that you would miss dearly if they died? Don’t wait, tell them today, to their face, how much you appreciate them.

Hell Jason James 10/27/2013
If hell was taken out Of the bible would Christianity make Sense ?

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