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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Pushing God's Buttons Synthia 11/12/2012
I don't know maybe it is just me who does this, but I find myself trying to see how far I can go with God and wonder how far I have to go to not have grace. I know in the back of my mind that God will never reject and I use it to my advantage and sin sin sin and say well God will forgive me, but I know that is evil and Satan talking. There are days when I just can't believe God loves me despite what I do, even though I know it's true so I push and push to see if He'll crack - like parents do when kids annoy them. It sounds stupid and maybe I'm just mental I don't know. Does any one else do this or have an idea what I am talking about? Just random thoughts I guess.
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Hey Synthia, Well you're not the only one that does that I can assure you! I did that too until I realised that it didn't help my situation at all & only made me feel guilty! Be careful because it is stated in the Bible that The Lord will not hold His peace forever & will pay us back according to our actions. Have faith & may God bless you.
-- By: Lina

Leader/Follower? (Nov 1) staff 11/8/2012
Are you a leader or a follower? What are some pros/cons to leading or following?
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I'm rarely a follower, most of the time I'm a leader. I think some cons to leading might be that people look up to you so you have to really try to do the right thing to set an example for others. A con to being a follower might be that the person that your following might not be lead by God, so that might influence you to do bad. I think there are times when you should lead, and times where you should follow just like the bible says there's a time for everything.
-- By: Amanda

Fears n/a 10/20/2012
I have this very big fear of being alone in public places. I literally can't go anywhere with out my mom or my sister with me because I always think that something bad will happen to me if I'm by myself. I've tried to tell myself that nothing bad will happen and its just my imagination going wild, but It doesn't work. I don't want to keep living like this because I'm getting older now, and what am I going to do when I go off to college? I can't always have someone with me then. I've prayed about it, but nothing has changed. what should I do?
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the meeting was on the 2nd and not the 3rd. I would love to atnetd, but if the meetings are on tuesdays then I can't join -_- I am only free Wednesday after 12:30pm, All day on Mondays, and on the weekends. You see, I am a regular atnetdee of various FL anime conventions such as Jacon ( when it was going), Florida anime experience, and Megacon.
-- By: Syed

????????? n/a 8/29/2012
I was just it possible for someone to be a true seventh day adventist christian, but not attend church? Can a person still be a christian if they dont attend church regularly or not at all?
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being a christian is not about how you regularly attend church.its all about living your life as Christ would.following everyone of His teachings and loving God with all your heart and serving Him with your life.Now church is an institution which was created to gather believers and to fellowship together and strengthen each dont get to see ur church members 7 days a week and so after a w
-- By: sophie

worship sophie 7/3/2012
does the day we worship God really matter?at some point i was totally convinced it did but am confused at the moment.i was reading in some other christian site and there was an article on the seventh day adventists and i got angry at what they said and all the information they had written they had gotten it from some book on does it really matter whether one goes to church on saturday or on sunday?
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wow i had neva thot of it like i think i get it.thanks:)
-- By: sophie

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