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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Help! I feel too sinful! Amy 6/16/2012
These past few days, I've been letting other things get in the way of my personal time with God. I haven't been praying or talking to God as much, and I've been putting other things before him. It's like I've been spiritually dead. I feel so guilty about what I've been doing, and I've tried repenting and asking God for forgiveness for what I did, and for all the other sins I've committed. But whenever I repent, I get no peace. I still feel as guilty as I had before. And It feels as though I'm too sinful to come back to him--it feels like I've sinned so much, like he's not listening to me anymore. Of course, I know that's not true, but it just seems that way. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and at this point I'm tired of trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. What should I do?
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Lovely rabbit!! I too used to woendr how people could create something just by folding a piece of paper. As I have practiced it, I find that origami is a bit like music or like painting. We learn the basics notes or color combinations, and little by little we start to add "vocabulary" until one day we are able to do something on our own.
-- By: Sudarshan

Revival (june 9) staff 6/7/2012
What ingredients could the church use in order to cook up some revival? Who is responsible for revival anyway? The church as a corporation? the individual believers? the Holy Spirit?
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The notion that a church can "cook up some revival" is interesting. Frequently, churches get confused about the difference between God. The difference between spirituality and religion is HUGE. Unfortunately, they are almost polar opposites. The minute we create a church, listing out its doctrines, we show our arrogant ignorance of God. He cannot be put into a box described by 27 or 52 million fundamental beliefs.
-- By: Jan Cusick

how to change me 5/24/2012
ok soo i didint like tis guy and all of my friends know that even tis guy that likes me and i like him tooo but the thing is that now i like the guy that i didnt like after. my ? is how to telll my friends withood they thinking i was lying them before
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Yes Richard the atolls are snkniig but if you look at it on you can see there's a heap of sand and rock about that you could build the Vegas/Monaco of the South Pacific upon.The Funafuti International Airport is currently reached from Nadi by Pacific Sun, which Fiji's Air Pacific regional subsidiary. If I wasn't in London I'd be plotting a field trip.
-- By: Ruplal

Where's my question? Amanda 5/20/2012
Hey guys, the other day I posted a question here on Insight, and I came to check and see if anybody had answered it, and I can't find it anywhere! How do you find the questions that you posted???????
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Hey, Amanda. Sorry about your question disappearing. Our site has been having some issues with this, and we hope to fix it soon. Check and see if your question is up now. Sometimes it goes up, then disappears, and goes back up again. It's a pain, I know. God bless you! :)
-- By: Tom (asst. editor, INSIGHT)

Sharing Christ (May 5) staff 5/3/2012
Ever been reluctant to share the good news about Christ? Explain. Share ways to get past the hangups.
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Hi Ethel, Thanks for your comment. INSIGHT doesn't coordinate literature evangelism programs, but we know groups in the church who do just that. I'll e-mail some info to you. Blessings!
-- By: Tom (asst. editor, Insight)

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