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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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'Gnostic' Hollywood Thomas 11/14/2013
I was looking something up on the internet and came across this site's article entitled 'The "Gospel" According to Hollywood'. I would just like to inform the readers of this site that the articles VERY brief paraphrasing of the Gnostic belief system is completely distorted and inaccurate. The article's description essentially reduces it to Satanism and its end goal as freeing one's self by "leaving the Creator's control." Gnosticism is a very complex COLLECTION of beliefs that have many parallel and overlapping characteristics with Christianity. Very basically, it's main divergence with Christianity is its division of the Christian concept of God into two separate concepts: the "godhead" and the creator god. The godhead is the divine source of all life, while the creator god, who made the earth and all creation, essentially fulfills the role of the devil. He is a deceiver who created matter, which Gnostics view as evil.
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Also, just to briefly address your invoking of Paul's writing, I want to just point out that "gnosis" is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word for "knowledge". I believe that a particular passage involves Paul differentiating "knowledge/gnosis" from "false-knowledge". My point, once again, is that this is not some simple, cut and dry, Satan vs.
-- By: Thomas

Distraction Dilemma Heather M 9/7/2012
Has anyone here ever seen The Distraction Dilemma by Christian Berdahl? If not, you guys really should because I am a big music person and love almost any kind of music and this guy really changed my perspective and he doesn't like say things like drums are bad they are evil, no he doesn't do that he really takes a good approach to music and its so interesting you will be amazed. If you want another one to watch besides that there is also John Lomacang's series about Music and media in the world with the Anchor's of Truth which is also very well presented. :)
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I am so glad to hear that because sometimes I just feel so alone with all this music stuff but honestly Christian Berdahl did a fantastic way with it! And I praise God for him and John Lomacang
-- By: Heather M

Music Amanda 5/19/2012
Have any of you all ever seen 'Sonic Warfare' by Pastor Ivor Myers? I watched it, and I thought it was an excellent series, but for some reason I'm curious what others thought of it.
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Watch Christian Berdahl! He hits the topic of music better than anyone I have seen. His series is called Distraction Dilemma and is very similar to Ivor Meyers 'Sonic Warfare'
-- By: Heather M

The Hunger Games Angel11 3/6/2012
Should I read them? Are they ok to read, or are they bad? I am not sure that if as a Christian, I should be reading them.
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I have not read THE HUNGER GAMES books, but I have seen the first HUNGER GAMES movie. I don't own it, I watched it on Netflix with my brother last summer when my parents were in Isriel on vacation. (Sorry that it's spelt wrong, I've never written that word before, so I don't know how to spell it.) The movie was entertaining and kept my interest through out the whole film, but it's not a movie I would want to own and watch over and over again.
-- By: Anonymous

Electronic music Luke 1/20/2012
I've been wondering about this for a while...cause I saw this video about this minister saying that all secular music is evil. But I'm just wondering cause I like electronic music and it's lyrics aren't bad at all. Its actually kind of happy lyrics. So is it still bad for Christians to listen to it?
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I don't believe all secular music is evil--but I do believe we have to be very careful and use Biblical standards in choosing which secular songs to listen to. After all, before Satan was kicked out of heaven, he was chief musician. Thus, Satan knows a lot about music and how to use it to deceive the world--which we can obviously see today. Generally, I don't listen to secular music--but f
-- By: Yasmin

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