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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Country Music Jen 1/29/2005
I LOVE country music!!!I've really been want some new CD's lately. (especially a Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and Gretchen Wilson CD) But I've noticed that some CD's will have like a fewChristian songs and then have a few drinking, love, and ya know stuff like that. What should I do???
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Hey, well, I used to LOVE country music too! I mean, I never ever listened to anything else, all I watched on tv was CMT(Country Music Television for all you non country fans!) And my friends called me CME(Country Music Encyclopedia!)But then when I really started to grow close to God, I didn't really have a desire to listen to it, my friends were like all shocked and stuff, especially when I sold
-- By: SaraH<-----with an H!

Movies Suki 4/12/2004
Going to the theatre to watch a movie is a definte no no for adventists but we manage to convince ourselves that brining a movie home is somwehow alright. Where are we going wrong? Many adventists argue that the reason God through Mrs. White instructed his people not to visit the theatre was because theatres in the early 19th century were also brothel houses and bars, while this may be true there was another reason for this instruction. As a people living under judgement we have certain duties to fulfill one of which is to contantly watch and pray and confess our sins before God. In order for the spirit to speak to us and convict us our minds must be clean and clear, movies, especially the ones that tend to be really popular tend to dull our brains and make them less recpetive to the spirit's voice. I think this is why we should stay away from theatres and movies that draw our minds away from God and make us more vulnerable to satans attacks..
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There is a critical shortage of initomarfve articles like this.
-- By: Almena

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