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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Good Animes Jasmine 7/30/2011
Hey, does any1 know any good, clean,animes that r suitable 4 christians? They don't have 2 b christian, just no swearing and things like that.
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There's a site called I haven't personally checked it out, but it looks pretty cool.
-- By: Yasmin

Good Animes Jasmine 7/30/2011
Hey,does any1 know any good,clean animes that r ok? They don't have to b christian,just no bad words and stuff like that.(I LOVE ANIME!!!) :)

PraiseDancing/Pantomiming Candace 5/31/2010
I would like to know what are some of your opinions about praise dancing/ pantomiming ministry. I am in a group and I have nothing against it because I feel like its an indiviual thing. When I do it my mind is fixed on God. I feel like everyone should use there talents to glorify God. (ITS YOUR MOTIVE)
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I was involved in a drama ministry for a couple years, and in one of our performances, one of my friends did an interpretative dance to the song "People Get Ready". I believe if it is glorifying the Lord (as in the example I mentioned) there is no harm in dance.
-- By: Allison94

Anime Shows myjesusloves 3/22/2010
Recently i have stoped watching anime shows for about a year and a half now because the holy spirit was telling me that it wasnt good to watch anymore i tried making up excuses so i could still watch it but then my church had a sermon about how it was not good to watch and from that point on i stayed away from it ever since.i mean if you like at these bad and perverted and violent anime shows such as naruto,bleach,dragon ballz,konakon,one pieace,inuasha,and a whole bunch more i could name but bottom line its bad the bible says to stay away from evil and all its forms and anime is a perfect example whats is yall's thought about it?
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Hey, Tia, what is SuperBook about exactly? I luv anime but sum of it is B-A-D,so I am totally in 4 a christian anime!!! Plz respond ASAP.
-- By: Jasmine

How to Get Away?? Brianna 2/18/2010
Hey. I have made the decision that I want to get away from movies, video games, computer games, etc. I have already given up all music that isn't christian. But these others are really hard especially in the world we are living in. How do I get away from it??
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I understand how you feel. I know from experience that it can be challenging to avoid them. God really knows how you feel, and he is always willing to help you in your weak spots. Ask him to take away the desire to even want those things and trust me he will. I use to watch movies and listen to music for years. God started to impress me on it, and I gave it up.
-- By: Amanda

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