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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Is it okay Music lover 8/8/2009
I would like to ask you people a favor, is it okay to listen to the song "Somebody's Watching Me" frome that Geico commercials
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I actually used to luv the song until I found out that Michael Jackson sang a part in it and if you do research, you'll see that Jackson was a believer in Aleister Crowley who was a Satanic Devil's really your decision though.
-- By: Jasmine <3

is it okey to watching it Anime luver 7/25/2009
Is is ok to watch anime even though some of it is kinda revealing
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Yeah,but you manage what your watching
-- By: Kura

Music Josh 7/24/2009
I was wondering, I'm a big fan of music, such as Skillet, Kutless, and I'm an absolutley huge fan of Seventh Day Slumber's music....and I've gotten tons of different perspectives on this, but is Christian Rock wrong? Mind you, Kutless and Seventh Day Slumber are a little softer, but is it wrong?
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I would stay away because, you see, well, I think so because you know, rock, rap, all those, the rythms came from Voodoo. So, yeah. Real godly music makes you feel close to God, if it's sung right, of course. I'm NOT saying you have to listen to just hymns, though. There's a lot of Christian music out there. So, to wrap it up: Make sure you pray before you listen.
-- By: Jasmine

music help lissi girl 2/21/2009
hey every1, what do yall thyink about christian music that has sort of a rock tone to it? Like I listen to this cristian radio that my mom absolutely hates, and sometimes it can get a little too much rock music. Do you think i should listen to that type of music?
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Music is usually underestimated. Music existed from the beginning of time. Music was an expressive means of communicating with God, similar to prayer. Music today has lost its value even in the church, we often feel that if a song has the word God it suddenly purifies the song. Christian music to me should bring our minds closer to God rather than religious entertainment, if a song pushes the word
-- By: n/a

Is Rock Music Evil? Daniel 2/14/2009
Ok so here goes. I have heard for a long long time that any type of rock music is evil because of some sort of demonic roots even if the lyrics are good. Can this be proven from the Bible? I want to hear people's opinions BUT THEY MUST BE BACKED UP WITH PROOF! I don't want to hear what you think unless you have real proof to back up what you say! PLEASE CITE YOUR SOURCES!
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In Phillipians 4:8 we are told to think on things that are praiseworthy and virtuous. I am sure you can honestly determine if there is anytihng praiseworhty or virtuous about rock music. Secondly, we are told in Psalm 22:3 that God inhabits the praises of His people meaning He dwells in them. Think about it who would dwell in the Rockers' "praises"? Who would inhabit their music? W
-- By: Marissa

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