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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a Mo 1/8/2012
Hi I'm 19 and I am a Christian. I grew up with the belief that sex should be saved for marriage. Most of my friends aren't virgins. One of my close friends recently told me hooked up with a guy who isn't her boyfriend. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to stay abstinent and I am starting to doubt if saving sex until I'm married is worth the wait. It is unlikely I am going to find a man who is willing to wait. Any advice?
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Trust me you would want to wait. I didn't wait and i regret every minute i didn't. Your never the same after and your whole perspective on life changes.
-- By: a caring person

Addiction Andy 8/14/2011
I've been addicted to pornography for 2 years now and its very hard to appreciate a girl for who she is while in this addiction I have a girlfriend and I want to respect her what do I do?
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Omar Miranda responded to this question for one of his Miranda Writes online articles on our Web site. E-mail me at if you want to see his response before his article comes out (which won't be until May of next year).
-- By: Tom, asst. editor, Insight

n/a n/a 5/15/2011
If someone masturbates, are they still considered a virgin? Or are they actually committing adultery?
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@Saralyn Ok so I think I masturbated when I was 11 years old I had never heard the word before and didn't really understand what i was doing i was a 11 year old girl i didn't no about any of this I barely knew about sex! When i heard about what it was I stopped positive that it was wrong. Are you saying that I lost my Virginity, that i shouldn't have been the one to play the Virg
-- By: confused

n/a n/a 5/15/2011
I just found out that my best friend is having sex. It's only been with her boyfriend (she's 16; he's 14) and they've used protection, but I don't really know what to tell her. They aren't SDA, but they go to another church, so I think they realize they shouldn't be doing this. He says they're going to get married, but neither one of them has really dated anyone else. Any advice?
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Try to convince her that it is not the right time for them to be doing such things. Her boyfriend is so young and if the protection were to fail, and she got pregnant, they would be in so much trouble. At the end of the day its her choice but if you can impact her actions, do it in the nicest way possible. You shouldn't make it look like you are better than her because you aren't doing it.
-- By: Amber

is it wrong? michelle 3/13/2011
I have this ex boyfriend and we have been sneaking around for the past few months, i was just wondering if it is wrong that we are doing stuff. We arent having sex but we are doing everything else, is that wrong?
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This poitnsg knocked my socks off
-- By: Alyn

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